The Turning Point Of Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanCurrently, humanity has reached a new stage of development and now must work together to correct the world. There is no alternative because the current troubles are caused by the revealed Light that urges us to start to unite. Otherwise, it will still continue to move closer to us, but in catastrophic ways, like an asteroid that threatens to collide with the Earth.

The Light is really getting closer and day by day we are confronted with the consequences of it. Jobs are cut, diseases and problems multiply, the perversions of human nature are growing, mutations; in other words, serious changes for the worse are taking place in human society and the surrounding world.

Moreover, the elites and governments lose their means of influence that allow them to manage the world, and they don’t know what to do. Previously, it was possible to pull one or the other “rein”: money – army, money – army. But in these days, money has lost its aura of omnipotence, and the police and military methods are not efficient in the conditions when more and more countries are knocking on the door of the “nuclear club.” In my opinion, about twenty countries possess nuclear weapons today.

As a result, we are faced with a big problem because we are required to initiate the correction of the world. I am talking about all those who are together with us, who feel the point in their heart: We must awaken unity. And if we are not able to unite before the Light approaches us, we will advance by the path of suffering.

The situation is this: If we are drawn to the Light, we feel the positive (+) and move by the path of hastening (Achishena). If we do not want that and remain in our egoism (Ego), we see the opposite side of the Light (-) and advance as “scheduled,” “in due time” (Beito).

The Turning Point Of Development

Thus, today we have found ourselves in a state of choice, at the point of the question mark, from which we can rise or fall. At this turning point, people who have an attraction to spiritual development, who have felt the point in the heart, who have received from Above the desire to think about this and learned about the program and the goal that is beyond our normal life, can make all of humanity follow them. And they must do this. Kabbalists of all generations have written about it.
From One America “Virtual Convention” Day One 11/16/13, Lesson 1

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