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The Boundaries Of Progress

laitman_739Opinion: Today, all measures are oriented towards adapting to emerging problems. We need a strategy for foreseeing them.

A report to the Roman Club (1972) shows the possible results of population growth and intended exhaustion of natural resources. The model is based on five major parameters: the Earth’s population, industrialization, food production, exhaustion of natural resources, and contamination of the environment. Each of them has dynamics of growth and impacts other parameters.

Within the last 50 years, the population of the Earth has tripled. Today, we live in an ecological niche that is not suitable for us: If a human being developed as a natural species, the number of people on the planet today would reach only half a billion, and humankind would live in warm climate areas.

We succeed by modifying our environment and making it comfortable for living. As a result, the population has reached seven billion people; the Earth’s energy and natural resources are about to be exhausted. We already know that development like this leads to a dead end.

Our society experiences “Cassandra’s dilemma”: nobody wants to change their lives at this time for the sake of a favorable future. We lack moral and spiritual values that allow us to care about the world.

However, a lack of an adaptation strategy is less crucial than the absence of a foreseeing strategy; all present-day strategies only tend to reduce existing stress.

Comment: Humankind is unable to create a strategy for our future advancement since it’s driven only by egoism. It’s obvious that we are incapable of reaching agreement. Only the higher strategy and methodology of elevation (morality, bestowal, and love from Above) can help us. Our task is to spread the knowledge that it’s in our power to elicit the higher energy, meaning the force that will change us by enhancing our collective mind and common desire and eventually resolving the problem of our mutual connection. This in turn will bring us deliverance and allow us to ascend the next level of advancement, to become Man.

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A New Man – A “Post-Human” Man

laitman_229Observation (M. Hoffman, sociologist, Columbia University, New York): “Society that considers economic development as its primary goal needs a de-personalized human being to be its primary functional particle: ‘only a machine will bring people to freedom and contentment.’ In the 18th century, Leibniz stated that a man/mechanism is similar to a watch.

“The notion of a ‘live human screw’ has been developed to a present-day ideal of a ‘human-computer.’ The human logic surrendered and adjusted to the intellectual mentality of a computer. The post-industrial society intended to turn a human being into a machine. Science fiction considered transformation of the ‘imperfect’ human being into an impeccable machine that combines the Terminator’s athletic figure and a powerful computer-like intellect (a humanlike machine with boundless possibilities) to be a smart idea.”

Comment: As a result, we ended up in the dead end of modern civilization: Everybody thinks that they have to possess everything that will make them happy, but at the same time people are turned into miserable robots.

The solution to this problem is a reasonable limitation of the material fulfillment and unlimited spiritual self-actualization. It will create a sensation of complete material and psychological comfort. It is not about a “still” sensation of well-being, but rather a continuous aspiration to an infinite spiritual fulfillment.

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The Most Stubborn And Most Purposeful

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book of Zohar, “Tzav” (Command), item 16: “Command Aaron” comes to crown that spirit of holiness up above, separate the spirit of impurity and lower it down from Israel by desire and prayer, and from the priests in the act of sacrificing the sacrifice, each by what is appropriate for him.

A priest is the heaviest and most egoistic part in a person (the fifth level), who by correcting himself, reaches the most sublime heights.

The popular belief is that the priests have the worst character, as they are rude, rigid, and have no feelings. This is because when the lowest ego is corrected it reaches the greatest heights in its opposite form.

The ego of the priest is reversed and ascends from the lowest level to the highest level, and thus the priest can be the leader of the nation, the spiritual guide. Being on a higher level than everyone else according to his ego, he now becomes higher than everyone else according to his altruism.

On the whole, all Kabbalists are very stubborn, coarse people who work on themselves only to change internally and resemble the Creator. This is not seen on the onside, and in everyday life, they are ordinary people. All their spiritual work is concealed from the eyes of strangers, and therefore it is called the concealed wisdom.

The more a person develops spiritually, the tougher, more stubborn and obstinate he becomes. The Upper Light sustains him in this state and in all his actions. A person is in a state of clarification at every moment in his life as to what happens to him and how he can direct himself to the right path.

He first clarifies this and then sorts it out, burns, cuts, and kills his egoistic intentions by four kinds of deaths and leaves only the pure desires. Only then does he begin to correct them by attaching them to his altruistic intentions. Instead of thinking about himself, he begins to think about others; instead of worrying about himself, he worries about others; instead of loving himself, he begins to love others. Thus in every situation in life he puts his intentions through others to the Creator.

Therefore, for the priests it is the most sublime, greatest, most serious, and most spiritual law and decision.

On the outside it seems that the priest’s decisions constantly change, but on the inside he focuses on one point. But, because the ego is constantly swinging in different directions, it turns out that a person seems to be going round and round in the Sinai Desert until he cleans it completely.

He doesn’t change his initial decision, but only more finely tunes it, like a missile that constantly corrects itself according to the system that observes its flight, each time changing the angle of its flight and getting back on its initial track. A person also thinks that there are constant changes inside him while the goal and the direction remain the same. This is his future adhesion to the Creator, with the attribute of absolute love and bestowal, in the complete unity of all the shattered souls,

If a person constantly aims at this, he follows the optimal path.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/27/13

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Guardians Of The Spiritual System

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah tells us how man gradually organizes the spiritual system in which the Light and the desire, that were created by the Creator, merge in the connection between them as Bina enters Malchut, Malchut enters Bina, and a mutual system is formed.

When Malchut enters Bina, which means when the desire enters the Light, it gradually weakens the Light, which results in the appearance of its different levels. When Malchut receives the Light, it simultaneously builds all the systems that will help it reach the level of the Light in the future.

The Torah describes the frameworks in which the Light can spread through the desire and the desire can resemble the Light.

For example, what do the deaths of Nadav and Avihu, the sons of Aaron, symbolize?

Aaron is the great priest and he symbolizes one of the guards of the system of Providence, GAR of Bina, which is not allowed to convey the Light of Hochma through it.

Aaron’s sons, Nadav and Avihu, who symbolize the attributes of that system, wanted to add the Light of Hochma into it, but they couldn’t bear it and were torn by the Light. At the same time, it is not the death of the system but the creation of a guardian, in which only the force of the Light that Aaron can convey will go through.

This is called the death of the sons of Aaron, which means not receiving in this desire, bypassing this guardian of the Light of Hochma, since a Light greater than the Light on the level of Aaron cannot pass below that.

It turns out that Aaron is a filter that shuts the entrance of the Light downwards, since the lower cannot accept it and perceive it. If someone wants to ascend to the level of the Light of Hochma, he needs to ascend to the level of Aaron.

Question: Does this mean that there cannot be another shattering?

Answer: This isn’t a shattering but an adaptation of the connection between the Light and desire. These two forces of creation must establish a symbiosis of mutual actions between them so they will correctly filter the Light and desire from Above and below in order to enable the souls to ascend properly from the bottom up, to expand, develop, and thus be filled with the Light.

Thus, Nadav and Avihu are systems that are created specifically in order to organize the frameworks in which the Light can spread inside the desire and by which the desire can resemble the Light.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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Medicine From An Upper Level

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Billions of people have been studying the Torah in different ways (in Judaism, Christianity and Islam) for ages and have not managed to find the way.

Answer: We as yet don’t understand the uniqueness of the spiritual vessels. If they don’t exist in a person, he cannot picture, understand or feel them in any way. No one can jump above his level.

We can try to explain and teach this to a person for 10 or 20 years, but he will be able to open his ears and heart to hear what the Torah says, only after a Light from above, a spirit from above, is revealed to him. But unless the upper Light and spirit from above are revealed to him, he is unable to hear anything.

The difference between an animal and a human being is actually in whether his heart opens up to what the Torah says or not. This is possible only by the action of the Light.

Therefore you can look at billions of researchers and billions of sufferers and see that they cannot attain anything. It is as if you have a million sick cows. Will their suffering help them be cured of their disease? They will not be able to overcome or get rid of it by themselves. Only a human being can save them and cure them, an expert who knows and who brings them the right medicine, which means he who draws the Light.

Only from an upper level is it possible to correct a state we see in our life and in this world. Unless the Light appears and influences us, it is impossible to do anything. All we can do is treat people patiently in order to gradually prepare them to receive the Light on their level.

The Light appears and operates as the Surrounding Light, from a distance, as a general illumination, and a person gradually acquires a mind and feelings. The ego, the evil inclination, grows inside him, which means attributes that are opposite to the Light, in order to highlight this even more.

Thus, we shouldn’t be impressed by the fact that our world is full of clever people and at the same time is in crisis. The correction comes only by the upper force and we cannot do this by ourselves. The preparation for it is our only responsibility.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/14, Writings of Rabash

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.23.14


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