Where Is The Door?

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Letter 26: It is written, “A golden bell and a pomegranate all around the edges of the robe. … and its sound is heard when he enters the holy place.”

These are the stages of getting closer to the level of the great Cohen (High Priest). The great priest is a person who is in a state of absolute bestowal and who has nothing of his own and everything that he has is only in order to enter Holiness. In order to enter Holiness, he has to become a holy vessel, which means a corrected vessel, thus sanctifying his desire to receive as he has nothing for himself and everything is in order to bestow.

The “Ephod” (High Priest’s Robe) comes from the words “Ei Po Delet” (where is the door), since the Delet (door) is in the place of the opening, when it is closed.

In our world you can see a closed door and when you open it you can enter another room, the next new state. But it’s different in spirituality. There the opening, the door, and the person become one. It’s because everything is in me because the moment I change, I immediately discover the door. The door immediately disappears and becomes an opening, my entrance.

I don’t see all that on the outside. The moment I approach the next level, according to my attributes, my inner vessel immediately changes and becomes a door, an opening, and an entrance to the next new state.

In corporeality, you can see the door just as you can see the opening. But in spirituality, you see only the opening. But you cannot see the opening unless with complete and pure faith.

This means that one reaches bestowal. If a person corrects the desires that are revealed in him to bestowal, Then you see the door, and at that moment it turns into an opening because He is one and His name is “One.” My vessel and all the necessary conditions including the Light and the next level unite and become one whole, because He is One and His name is “One.”

It’s all very simple. The moment our vessel resembles the Light or resembles the next level, which means that I become like the upper level, it means that I approach the door, the opening, the entrance to the next level. Then it is He and His name is one for me.

He is the Light and His name is the vessel. When the vessel equals the Light in its attributes, they become one. So as I get closer to the upper attribute and enter it, it means that I “come to Holiness.” I become the great priest, the discernment in the soul that is freed of the desire to receive in order to receive and enters the complete state of in order to receive in complete faith. This entrance is possible only if we see things in complete faith. Complete faith means that my Light of Hassadim, that my desire to bestow, is so great that I not only work in GE, in bestowal, but also in AHP, in the desire to receive.

If I am only in the desires of GE,it means to bestow in order to bestow, and this is called faith. If I also work with the AHP, with the vessels in which I also receive in order to bestow, which means that I use my ego for the sake of others, it is called complete faith. Faith is Bina, the vessel of bestowal. This faith changes from simple faith, from “Don’t do unto your friend what is hateful to you” into “Love thy friend as thyself.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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