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The Way To A State Of Yom Kippur

Dr. Michael LaitmanM. Weisman, “Midrash Sefer,“Acharei Mot,” “Holy Work on Yom Kippur”: May it be Your will, oh Lord, that this year will be blessed with lots of rain, sun, shade and dew; that this will be a year of mercy from Heaven, a blessed year, a year of abundance, of success in what we do, a year in which Your people, the nation of Israel will not be dependent on one another and will not dominate one another.

At first glance this prayer seems like a common prayer: Give me everything that I need, that my corporeal body needs, that the whole nation needs; let there be peace and abundance. But prayers that ask for our ego to feel comfortable don’t reach the Creator. Only prayers in which we raise our request for correction rise to Him, and this is what we mean in receiving all the benefits that are specified in this prayer. After all, the Light is spread over us and is ready to fill us completely. The cow wants to feed more than the calf wants to suckle and bursts with an abundance of milk.

But the point is that we are not ready to receive the abundant Light. So when we ask for one thing or another in the spiritual world, in the internal attribute, we refer to correction: “Give us the opportunity to build a Masach (screen) so that we will be able to receive the filling that comes by the Upper Lights for Your sake.”

Yom Kippur is not the revelation of to bestow in order to bestow, but of to receive in order to bestow.  The fulfillment of to bestow in order to bestow is symbolized by Chanukah and to receive in order to bestow is symbolized by Purim. In order to approach the state of Yom Kippur we have to keep all the conditions that we were given during the giving of the Torah, which means to clarify all of our 613 desires and to ascend to the level of the great priest.

This means to reveal inside us the lowest desires and to receive the highest Light on them and raise them to the level of the great priest when Malchut of Atzilut raises her desires to GAR of Atzilut, to Arich Anpin. This state is called Yom Kippur and it symbolizes the revelation of all the desires that will later be revealed and will receive their filling in Purim (Kippurim is the same as Purim).

This is an immense level; the great Upper Light begins to illuminate all our desires and shines in each one’s soul. We begin to understand what we have to do with it.

Such serious work is done under the influence of the Upper Light in a group, during the study that is focused properly by the teacher. This is the preparation for the spiritual level.

On the whole, we mustn’t picture a certain day, a Temple, a mountain, or Jerusalem. These are all a person’s internal attributes, which he should attain internally this way, reveal and dominate them, and ascend to the level of the great priest.

The main thing is that all these corrections lead to the point of unity. Therefore it is said: “… a year in which Your people, the nation of Israel, will not be dependent on one another and will not dominate one another.” It is in this point of unity that the connection with the Creator is felt. It is only by the attainment of unity that we will begin to feel “one reveals One.”
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/12/14

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Spiritual States Through The Images Of This World

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Midrash Says: Chapter “Acharei Mot,” The Sanhedrin sent sages to the High Priest so that they instructed him about  the Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) service. They read passages from the Acharei Mot (After Death) to him that described Yom Kippur rituals and laws… 

What problem do we encounter when reading these lines? We imagine pictures that belong to this material world: We visualize the “Great Priest ” sitting on a throne, there are servants around him, and they wave fans and read about Yom Kippur laws and services to him.

The fact is that the very last level of the spiritual world was transformed into the imprint we experience as this material world. That’s why the explanation of the spiritual states is always done through the images of this realm.

Let’s interpret this story in a spiritual picture. It is not about people, but rather about the properties that are built in the core of the soul, in the center of the group. Later, they raise the value of the group to the extent that its heart becomes able to contact with the Creator.

Sages who came to the high priest represent the parts of the soul, the desires (Cohanim) that are corrected and then elevated from the central point in the heart called the Great Cohen to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/12/14

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Through The Screen Of Our World

Through The Screen Of Our World

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to follow one rule in order to advance through life in a good and wonderful way: There is only one force in nature and this is the force of goodness. We have to discover this force. We don’t call this force the one and the good but rather refer to it as “there is none else besides Him.”

Why do we say that there is “none else besides Him” that manages us instead of “there is one force that manages us?”

Because it seems that there are many factors, good and bad, that operate on us and mange us at any given moment. First it seems that I do something to determine something for myself, as does my environment, the world, world leaders, and nature—everything affects me.

This is actually why it says that “there is none else besides Him.” This means that we should pay attention and focus on one thing only despite what seems to be many factors that cause the condition we are in, including our feelings and thoughts in the corporeal world, and also in everything at home, in the family, in our environment, in society, at work, and in our world view. You suddenly think about history, about what is happening today and then you suddenly want certain pleasures, or you have certain thoughts and someone confuses you; you have to see that behind all these effects that come from the outside and what is invoked in you internally, there is none else besides Him. You must also see that there is only one reason, one source, from which the orders are issued to all the parts of creation that have no freewill and are managed by the same upper force that then affect you.

It can be your friends, your boss, your wife, your children, your health, the political situation, different events in the world, the weather, and your inner feelings. It all stems from the same one force that operates on you through all these factors and effects you.

If you focus your heart and your mind and constantly try to see that only He does it and not a thousand other different sources that influence you—like your wife, your kids, your boss, the weather, your inner feeling and everything that affects you on the outside—and that it is He behind all that and that you constantly want to be locked on Him, and connected to Him; you will gradually begin to feel the system that surrounds you that exists between Him and you. This system is called “the world,” and the upper force surrounds the world.

Then you will begin to feel and to understand Him because it is actually all the different factors in the world and the way they affect you which help you understand why He treats you this way. It is because you have to relate to Him as the good that does good no matter what and above doubt in the ideal way.

If a person tries to see only the one positive force through everything that appears in his mind and heart and everything that happens to him, these interferences actually reveal to him the one upper force, the good that does good. Thus he reaches the revelation of the Creator.

On the whole, this is our work. There is nothing but that. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about the phases we go through as we reveal this upper force and how we have to organize ourselves so that it will be easier to see Him in every state that is revealed to us and how we can support others and be aware of external support so as not to forget this principle.

I may find myself in a state in which I focus my will and my power on the Creator, but suddenly a stronger influence may come along, which is stronger than my power to be focused on Him, and then I forget that I have to reveal Him, that it comes from Him, that He is only good that does good.

I suddenly begin to relate to all the situations in life as if they are independent and that they come to me by themselves and not according to the general plan that is operated by one upper force and that there is none else besides Him.

On the whole, this is the main principle of our work.
From the Convention In Colombia “Day Two” 7/26/14, Lesson 1

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 53

From the book The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

Animal Relationships

Plants do not have individual freedom. Therefore, social relationships of plants are limited. We extend our study to the next natural stage of development – animate.

Animals are organisms that make up one of the kingdoms of nature; in contrast to plants, they consume ready organic compounds, are active, mobile. (sbio. Info, Project “Biology)

As follows from the definition, animals are mobile and active. This cannot but affect the relationship between individual members and between whole groups of the animal kingdom.

Let’s look at the major social unit of wildlife – a pack, flock, or school.

A pack, flock, or school are systematic, structured groups of mammals, fish or birds, usually of the same kind, that are in a similar biological condition, actively maintaining mutual contact and coordinating their actions.

A pack consists of individuals who perform a number of important vital functions, being members of a pack for much of their life.

There is an opinion that it is a pack (not herd) of primitive humans served as a basis for the creation of human society. (Wikipedia)

A pack – this is serious. For example, the relationships in a wolf pack in many respects are similar to the relationships in human society, and by some measures even surpass them, in particular, with respect to wolf-veterans. Wolves take care of their elders and give them enough to eat. To be honest, it is not always observed among humans.

And yet what is the main difference between animals and plants? In what are they more “advanced”? Again, the answer is found in Kabbalah.

“We see that each animal has its own characteristic; they are not confined to the environment, but each of them has its own sensation and characteristic. …  Rather, they have their own lives, and their vitality does not depend on their friends’ lives.” (Baal HaSulam, Shamati #115)

What is the difference between an animal and human?

“Yet, they cannot feel more than their own being. In other words, they have no sensation of the other. And naturally cannot care for the other.” (Baal HaSulam, Shamati #115)

This definition requires some explanation. At first glance it seems that it is not quite right. We all know that animals feel their master’s mood, their states and attitudes. Furthermore, it is known that animals care about their kinsmen as in the example with wolves. There are even cases of self-sacrifice. All this is true, but they are instincts.

A dog feels when a person does not feel well, but the animal does not understand what shame is. A dog does not blush when he picks up food from the floor and is he is not embarrassed to walk without clothes. The animal will never lie under the knife voluntarily to lose his leg affected by gangrene. The animal does not understand that it is possible today to give someone a piece in order to take two tomorrow. It is even more impossible to imagine that the animal understands what it means “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs,” etc.

There is a perfect illustration of feeling the fellow man that is characteristic of the human being and is not typical of animals at all.

Try to catch up on the street with any passer-by and continue to move beside him. After some time, the following thing will happen. The passer-by will begin to glance sideways, look over his shoulder, check his pockets, become nervous and worried. But you can lie close with a stranger on the beach, sit next to him in the theater, and talk to him in a queue or anywhere else. A paradox.

By the way, this apt observation does not belong to the author. This observation is by satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky.

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Don’t Eat Yourself Up!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should I correctly pass through the states of work on my ego so that I will not harm the group? An immense feeling of shame appears that, through my states, I am “drilling a hole in the boat” because it is impossible to overcome them constantly during an ascent.

Answer: The most important thing in life is not to berate yourself, don’t assume that you are to blame.

I am as I am: harmful, callous, lacking understanding, not hearing, an egoist who is insensitive to others. The others can be so thoughtful, so sensitive. When found among a hundred people, they always are paying attention to something about their friends. They respond sharply to everything, and this is all alive in them. As for me, it is as if I am found in the middle of an empty field: closed off, unaffected by people. That is how I was created.

I must understand that this is my role in the general Kli (the spiritual Kli), and I don’t have to have complaints. I don’t need to be like someone else, and the most important thing is that I must not forget to thank the Creator at every moment even though, along with this, I am in very deplorable situations.

He makes me go through these situations. If I am ashamed in them, this is a sign that I have not corrected myself yet. I have not brought myself into adhesion with Him; I have not risen to this level. However, I already am moving toward Him and understand what I must do. The next state will be a little better, more corrected, and that is how it is until I reach the possibility that, with all my soul, I will bless the Creator for what He is doing with me.

But it is necessary to very quickly leave a state of eating oneself. We often blame ourselves, “I am such a nothing! They are so great! So, what about me?” To me, all the friends seem to be perfect and caring. They understand each other, whereas I don’t understand anything. I never think about anyone. Why should I be concerned about someone all of sudden? None of that is me. I am an egoist! I pay attention only to what they have more and I have less.

These are very good states. From them, we learn about our nature, and from our oppositeness, we attain the Creator. However, it is necessary to realize this nature correctly. We learn gradually.

Sometimes physical distance from the group helps, being involved in some kind of unique work that will take all of the previous states from me. It is necessary to do something, for sometimes we fight fire with fire that is exactly the same but its opposite, as the fire extinguishes the fire.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 4

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A Hero Among Heroes

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If I see something negative in a friend, is it better not to pay attention to it, to focus on the positive only, so this will be considered as a spiritual ascent?

Answer: Rabash explains in his articles that we don’t need to pay attention to the negative characteristics in a person just like a mother doesn’t pay attention to the negative characteristics in her child as for her he is ideal. I look at this child and don’t find anything special about him, but for her, everything in him is good, pleasant, and beautiful. This is the foundation for our worldview. That is how you should look at your friends.

When rising above the ego, there are conditions that we must carry out to change negative characteristics into positive ones. As a result of these actions, we can distinguish two types: a “hero” and a “hero among heroes,” which is the next level when you change your hater not into a neutral person, but into a friend, someone loved. This is the highest level.

In other words, when we rise above the ego, we are called heroes, and when we change the ego into bestowal and love, we become heroes among heroes, and here we don’t have to be clever. The Light does everything. If we try to carry out the simplest actions of connection and unity among us, then everything else will be Light.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 4

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Internal Nearing

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to annul yourself with regard to another?

Answer: Annulling yourselves to each other and mutually entering one another according to the principle of love thy neighbor as thyself should bring us to a connection with the Creator. Thus, I not only annul myself and become no one, a zero, but actually perform actions that help me connect to the friend so that he will be able to come in contact with me easily. I do what is good for him by annulling my ego and allowing him to establish contact with me naturally.

It makes no difference whether he is an egoist or not. I don’t judge him and don’t try to understand anything about him, but I simply annul myself so that he will be able to contact me. If he reaches the same state, I am glad that my actions of self-annulment relative to him have brought us close together, and it is the same with the other people.

But when the friend comes in contact with me, I feel a need to mutually cooperate with him, I feel how he nears me, and how he is incorporated, comes in contact with me, and even somehow dresses in me. Now I can begin to cooperate with him more actively. Here I have to switch on my anti-ego, not suppress the ego, but rather operate it in the opposite direction: What would my friend want of me? It isn’t that I simply become easy to contact, but rather easy and convenient to be used, so that he should use me. Then I begin to grow.

In other words, I don’t just operate according to the principle of don’t do unto your friend what is hateful to you anymore, but I work for the other as he would want me to, which means that I use my ego in order to bestow. I come in contact with the friend, work for his desires, and do my very best to fulfill them. These are high acrobatics.
From the Convention In Sochi “Day Two” 7/14/14, Lesson 4

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The Group That Will Save The World

A Group that will Save the WorldQuestion: Tell me something, Laitman, how do you come to view the Jewish people as a group destined to save the world? From where have you read such a concept or seen a similar quote. Yes, you may cite the Bible and other religious tracts or writings of other religious people who also believe as you do but aside from that how do you come to such an idea.

I am Jewish also but do not have an arrogant view of this group of people. They are a good people and a talented people but surely not a better people with a higher degree of morality than any other group who believes as they do.

I do not say that the Jewish people are not better than Jihadists! Of course they are. I do not say that the Jewish people are not better than the neo-Nazis. Of course they are. But I also do not say that the Jewish people are better than other groups of persons who also believe that Jihadists and neo-Nazis are not human beings nor act as human beings.

All things being equal, why do you possess the arrogant and false view of the Jewish people. It is exactly this view that has caused problems too many times and which I cannot tolerate.

Answer: Unfortunately, perhaps. However, it is just so, we are a special group among all the nations. I emphasize—a group, and not a nation. A nation is a group of people that has formed in a natural (earthly) way. We, however, became a nation by having assumed the idea of unity above the egoism that separates us. Until we assembled in “Abraham’s tent” from different residents of Babylon, we were egoists, like all the other Babylonians.

Humanity must achieve unity and attain similarity (balance, homeostasis) with nature. Otherwise, we are a cancerous tumor that destroys its environment, and as a result, kills itself.

Anti-Semitism is the acknowledgement of the dependency of the nations on the Jews, surmising that some kind of secret exists within us. This is exactly what I wish to reveal, both to the Jewish people and to the nations of the world. After all, the Jews too do not know why they are being hated. By the way, the article in the New York Times has become so popular that I hope to gradually enlighten all of humanity this way!

Over two million non-Jewish students are studying at my Kabbalah university, and they perceive this fact as the program of nature. It’s advisable that you simply read a little more on this topic. Best of luck!

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10.02.14

Writings of Rabash “Shlavei HaSulam,” Article 12

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts, “The First Person” 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam “The Peace,” “Proof of His Work by Experience”

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