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Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to follow one rule in order to advance through life in a good and wonderful way: There is only one force in nature and this is the force of goodness. We have to discover this force. We don’t call this force the one and the good but rather refer to it as “there is none else besides Him.”

Why do we say that there is “none else besides Him” that manages us instead of “there is one force that manages us?”

Because it seems that there are many factors, good and bad, that operate on us and mange us at any given moment. First it seems that I do something to determine something for myself, as does my environment, the world, world leaders, and nature—everything affects me.

This is actually why it says that “there is none else besides Him.” This means that we should pay attention and focus on one thing only despite what seems to be many factors that cause the condition we are in, including our feelings and thoughts in the corporeal world, and also in everything at home, in the family, in our environment, in society, at work, and in our world view. You suddenly think about history, about what is happening today and then you suddenly want certain pleasures, or you have certain thoughts and someone confuses you; you have to see that behind all these effects that come from the outside and what is invoked in you internally, there is none else besides Him. You must also see that there is only one reason, one source, from which the orders are issued to all the parts of creation that have no freewill and are managed by the same upper force that then affect you.

It can be your friends, your boss, your wife, your children, your health, the political situation, different events in the world, the weather, and your inner feelings. It all stems from the same one force that operates on you through all these factors and effects you.

If you focus your heart and your mind and constantly try to see that only He does it and not a thousand other different sources that influence you—like your wife, your kids, your boss, the weather, your inner feeling and everything that affects you on the outside—and that it is He behind all that and that you constantly want to be locked on Him, and connected to Him; you will gradually begin to feel the system that surrounds you that exists between Him and you. This system is called “the world,” and the upper force surrounds the world.

Then you will begin to feel and to understand Him because it is actually all the different factors in the world and the way they affect you which help you understand why He treats you this way. It is because you have to relate to Him as the good that does good no matter what and above doubt in the ideal way.

If a person tries to see only the one positive force through everything that appears in his mind and heart and everything that happens to him, these interferences actually reveal to him the one upper force, the good that does good. Thus he reaches the revelation of the Creator.

On the whole, this is our work. There is nothing but that. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us about the phases we go through as we reveal this upper force and how we have to organize ourselves so that it will be easier to see Him in every state that is revealed to us and how we can support others and be aware of external support so as not to forget this principle.

I may find myself in a state in which I focus my will and my power on the Creator, but suddenly a stronger influence may come along, which is stronger than my power to be focused on Him, and then I forget that I have to reveal Him, that it comes from Him, that He is only good that does good.

I suddenly begin to relate to all the situations in life as if they are independent and that they come to me by themselves and not according to the general plan that is operated by one upper force and that there is none else besides Him.

On the whole, this is the main principle of our work.
From the Convention In Colombia “Day Two” 7/26/14, Lesson 1

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