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Nature Is Unity

Laitman_707We live in a “bubble” of nature, the still, vegetative, and animate. Through this we provide for our existence. And this environment “transmits” or arranges for us precisely those conditions that are required for our advancement.

In this way we are given an abundance of constant changes. Indeed, in general, it is necessary to understand that beginning from the Big Bang this process has continued to this very day, and for its entire length, the general power of development has moved us forward toward its goal, toward complete balance.

During the course of this process, the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate developed on the face of the earth, and after that the human species. And at a particular moment in history, whether it wanted this or not, the human species had to take the “reins,” meaning the management tools into its hands to be properly included in development.

From this moment on we have been involved with the process not as we were before. Until becoming aware of the situation, we developed instinctively in a way similar to the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, among whom there are also plenty of troubles, problems, and the pressure of circumstances, including disasters.

But the more we have developed, the more we have become linked to the process; we participate in it consciously and with understanding, and this is how we have more problems. For now they are contingent upon this: Do we accept the message ourselves, are we developing together with nature? If so, it will be good for us, and if not, it will be bad for us, depending on our level of development.

Adam was the first to discover the general process of evolution through which we must go, not only on the “beastly” material level, but also on the human level. Beginning from Adam, who lived 5775 years ago, we have moved on to a new phase. We are “embedded” within nature; according to the degree of participation with it, we are ready to arouse and invite upon ourselves, as well as the overall levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, a good, pleasant, rapid, and easy development.

Natural development is generally characterized by very strict stages. They are similar to a difficult birth, they are connected to stress, problems, and dangers, and are accompanied by dramatic natural phenomena. For millions of years the Earth has cooled, hardened, and again warmed, torn by the pressure of magma.

Geological eras were replaced, the nature of the earth was changed, individual species died and others appeared, the warming and cooling alternated, and finally we reached the present situation, which is not final either. We also continue developing; moreover, it is more rapid than in previous eras.

In general, all of this has been contingent on the general force of nature, which the wisdom of Kabbalah explores in depth. The concepts of “divinity” and “nature” are identical, for this speaks about a power that has a precise general plan within which we must be integrated, gradually understanding and attaining it. We must be included within it consciously and with knowledge by discovering a more and more mature participation. This integration is also recorded in it.

Returning to Adam, he was the first to discover this program and understand that nature seeks balance. This means that we balance ourselves with the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, and likewise build balance between us on the human level such that ultimately every person on the face of the Earth will feel that there is no rift or detachment between us and between everything that is found outside of us; this is called the development of consciousness. I reach an awareness, an understanding, a feeling, that all of nature is a unified system. And with this unified system I am in harmony, in reciprocity, in homeostasis, in a mutual exchange of materials, thoughts, and desires.

In this manner I must ultimately nullify all detachment and gaps between what I feel now as self and what feels external. My skin doesn’t separate me from the world and the environment anymore. I reach awareness and an understanding that everything belongs to a single unified system; it is all the essence of the self.

The human level is like this. Our bodies belong to the animate world, whereas our essence belongs to the human level, which is higher. Its uniqueness is that in it we see we perceive the world as a single whole.

In this single and unique world we discover the unique power of nature that manages everything, and we identify and merge with it. Anyone who has tried to attain nature as balance of a single whole has discovered and attained this process precisely to its final state where we join and merge with the surrounding force of nature.

The last “station” on the way of our development is like this. We don’t know what will happen after this. Indeed there is also some further stage…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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All The World Is A Stage

laitman_565_02Question: Why do people like to recollect past events, even if they were tragic?

Answer: If an event recedes into the past, it is no longer perceived as a physical action, it leaves behind only the emotional experience. Moreover, a person now has an opportunity to understand the past and feel it deeply.

People love to read stories or listen to songs that remind them of past trials, to share memories about what they went through in Stalin’s or concentration camps that they miraculously managed to survive.

They reminisce about their unrequited love, about separation from loved ones, namely, about various dramas of their lives. But later, it is all mitigated, since this is how our life works. The whole life is a theater. This is the realization that we come to at the end of our life, we acquiesce, we see that it is indeed so, and therefore we view life’s entire traveled path as a theatrical performance.

We are ready to stop worrying about the past, having understood that it had to happen exactly so. The play is over, the curtain falls, and this life comes to an end.

Theater, therefore, has much to teach us. If it is a truly good production, we are ready to pay high prices for tickets, and we get ready for the outing to the theater as for a special event.

Throughout the two hours of the play, a whole period of life unfolds in front of us along with its ensuing moral. We see life’s situations that we can learn from and draw personal conclusions, imagining ourselves in the place of the characters. The theater has a very high educational potential, the only question is: How it can be used correctly?
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/22/14

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The Root Of Ebola: Isolation Will Not Help

Laitman_703_04Question: You say that today we represent a single organism. Consequently, ailments of society apply to each individual because he is part of the whole?

Answer: Yes. What is needed today is general calculation. After all, we have closed the entire globe, all the continents, all civilizations, all the nations and peoples into a single planetary civilization system. Therefore, no one alone can correct anything in it. On the contrary, all decisions must be all-inclusive.

We already see and will see more and more clearly in the coming years how various natural disasters affect everyone. In oriental medicine, it is customary to find out what exactly caused the disease in a person.

Today, a collective illness, which affects everyone, is added to this. Therefore, treatment should be comprehensive, holistic, and not fragmented.

Only in recent years have we begun to understand that humanity is a single entity. We have taken hold of the entire globe, have established a variety of interconnections, found ourselves dependent upon each other, and all of them are the outward signs of our undivided unity. That is why the imbalance in one place is reflected on everyone.

In the past, what did the Indians have to do with what was happening in Europe? They did not even know of its existence. The same with the Australian aborigines and many others. The Chinese have long been shut off from the world; the Japanese did not let foreigners in.

But today, everything has changed. We are one, entwined by the threads of interconnections. The internal evolution of human society seemingly weaved a blanket, common for everyone, and covered the Earth with it.

That is why no one can isolate himself from the world to establish happiness in one individual country or village. Isolation will not help because it cannot be achieved. No one can escape to his own private island in the middle of the ocean.

The system does not take into account our childish attempts to hide in a shell. The system’s forces and laws penetrate any wall and barrier, merging everyone together. No matter how much you distance yourself, no matter how much you isolate yourself, you are connected by invisible threads with all of humanity, and its fate will still be yours.

We will see how the most “protected” countries become vulnerable, despite all the precautions. If imbalance has affected the system, then it has affected all the nations and continents to the extent of how much each of them lacks balance.

In the end, one way or the other, everything depends only on the imbalance of human society. Therefore, only by maintaining social balance can we protect our health. If we want to get rid of diseases, then it is one more reason to balance social relations. Otherwise, no medications will help.

It all starts with a person. People need to know that they are in a unified system that must be brought into balance, as this is the benchmark, the sign and the basis of all types of health: physical, family and social.

Question: What does it mean, “to bring into balance”? How is it expressed?

Answer: It means that we interact with each other as if we are parts of one body. Indeed it is in reality. Any system is a body, parts of which care about each other.

At least, it is necessary, finally, to think about this; we need initial advancements in this direction. And then we will see how Ebola along with other ailments retreats, releasing enormous resources that are being invested today in pharmacology and medicine. They will not require these investments, if only we will support social health.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19/14

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Transform To Become An Active Part Of The General System

laitman_249-01Question: We have connections with many Jewish youth organizations. How timely is it to be involved with dissemination in a Jewish environment in our nation and how do we approach this?

Answer: I don‘t think that the prerequisites for this exist in Russia and in the Ukraine. The Jewish stratum of the population is still not concerned about questions of its nationality.

As long as the surrounding population has not touched upon this question, they don’t care about anything. But when a wave of anti-Semitism reaches them, then it could be that conditions for leaving will appear.

The fact is that the Creator will completely arouse anti-Semitism in all parts of the world to its greatest depths and will not let any Jews live in peace so that they will understand that physical persecution is conditional upon bringing them to carry out their spiritual mission.

After all,  without the participation of all the Jews of the world, the correction of humanity is impossible. We need to get them used to dissemination, study, and the implementation of this program. Otherwise there will not be success.

When we are talking about a general network in which each one of us is a node on a particular juncture in the network,  the Jews are specifically those small nodes (links) that have been actively participating in the work of this network for nearly two thousand years. They belong to the group of Abraham; they worked within the system correctly from the start but then fell from this level, which itself caused all of this.

Now this group must create itself again. By restoring the right connection, they will attract all the rest of the small links after them. And without the correction of the parts of the network that were once active, we cannot reach the correct and harmonious working of the entire system called the “soul” in which to reveal the Creator.

When the system is awakened, it searches for the problem. So then anti-Semitism appears. The connection network feels that its active parts are acting negatively and working against it.

So the anti-Semites are right when they see that the Jews, who are the inner part of the system, are the source of its malfunction. The negative association directed at Jews throughout the world must bring them to an awareness of their function within the system, and then they will begin to be corrected against their will.

The Bnei Baruch group was created among these parts that were acting incorrectly, trying to participate correctly in the work of the system. It follows that the anti-Semites will put pressure on the Jews of the world on all sides, and from within we will begin to explain to them how they must be corrected to transform into active positive parts for the entire system, meaning for all humanity. So with the help of both of them, the work will be carried out for the correction of the entire connected network.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Writing of Rabash

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Short Stories: Adam’s Illumination

laitman_742_03Kabbalah is the science dealing not with studying our world but only with the forces that govern it.

The first person who discovered this system 5775 years ago was called Adam. The day it happened is described in the Torah as the day the world was born.

Prior to that, people lived like animals, engaged in satisfying their biological needs. Of course, they believed in some forces that helped, protected, or, conversely, harmed them. But this subconscious sensation is present in animals as well.

And suddenly, while humanity had no understanding of where everything comes from and for what it exists, a normal person of our world, Adam, began to reveal that he exists within nature, in a network of forces that govern him.

He called this network of forces the Creator, since he discovered that it created our matter and operates it.

That time marks the beginning of the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is why Adam is considered to be the patriarch of our world, and everything the Torah narrates comes from his personal attainment and is told from his perspective: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless, and void….” and so on.

Having made his discovery, Adam realized that the meaning of his life is not to simply survive on the Earth for a certain number of years, but to attain this network of forces, to rise to its level, master, and govern it. This is how one can ascend to a degree above our world and begin to operate this world, as well as that world, that system of forces, which become revealed to us.

Adam attained the upper world because he had a desire to rise to the level of the Creator. This is where his name “Adam” comes from: it means “similar to the Creator.”

He immediately felt the need to pass on his knowledge to someone. With his students Shem, Ham, and Japheth who were referred to as his sons, began the chain of those who attain the upper world through the method revealed by Adam.

He called this method “The wisdom of Kabbalah,” the science of receiving, understanding, and revealing of the upper world, the higher system of governance.

Externally, Adam was an ordinary man and it is unlikely that his parents and the people around him were aware of his findings and revelations. After all, what he came to know, he revealed inside himself and only for himself. None of the others had any idea about it. This is why Kabbalah is called a “hidden wisdom,” because every person who attains it reveals it only for himself or herself, and cannot convey it to others.

While physics, chemistry, and all other natural and exact sciences can be conveyed to everyone and taught to others so they would be able use them, it is impossible to communicate Kabbalah. We can only teach another person how to change himself in order to be able to feel the next dimension: the higher system, higher degree, the upper world. When a person starts to feel this, he is called a Kabbalist.

Attainment of the next dimension gives a person the ability to learn what he is living for because the nature that he reveals emerges as the one that is governing, determining, permeating everything with itself, and indicating to everyone where it is leading him and what degree of development he needs to reach. It becomes clear to him that the entire path that he is obliged go through (because here, there is no freewill), he can accelerate by directing himself.

Imagine that you are sitting in a wagon, which is being propelled forward by unmanageable horses, they carry you over bumps and potholes in an unknown direction, and in any moment you can fall into an abyss. This is our life.

Yet it is possible to make it so that by sitting in the front you pick up the reins, knowing exactly where you need to head. There will already be a modern GPS in your hands and you can calmly move toward a quick accomplishment of the ultimate goal, going around all the bumps and potholes.

The meaning of Adam’s illumination, and after him, of all the other Kabbalists, lies in the fact that a person is given the opportunity to reach quickly, independently, and comfortably the final goal of creation, and also to teach the rest of the world how to do it. This is what Adam started to do.
From KabTV’s “Abbreviated Stories” Part 1, 10/15/14

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Under The Blazing Sun

Laitman_512_02Rabash, writes in the Torah, there are three modes. On the one hand, the Torah is called a resource that helps specifically as a resource for the strength of the person, and after that comes the Light that Reforms that corrects a person, and the Light that fills his corrected Kelim. That is how he completes the level.

However, until the completion of correction, this struggle continues. Written in the words of the prophets is the terrible war of Gog and Magog that happens in the last stage of correction, and this doesn’t just affect the physical world, but the same thing happens in spiritual work. Physical wars become a projection of spiritual processes and observations.

To the degree that one advances, the closer one comes to the Creator; a person is thrown into a burning fire of states as if he is approaching the sun. So, he is thrown much more strongly from ascents to descents. In this way, he exhausts his strength.

He must understand that all of this is done to help him leave the depths of his ego, from sinking deeper and deeper and more strongly into it, in order to move on to “for the sake of bestowal,” to the sacred, to spirituality, to greater and greater bestowal and love.

The gap between these two poles, between the descents and the ascents, grows more and more. Until a person hasn’t completely drowned in the sea of his evil forces, he cannot scream and ask for his correction.

So, the Torah exhausts a person’s power. If he is not illuminated by Light, but is under the control of egoistic forces, Klipot, his desire to receive, then he cannot do anything. Our mind only serves our feelings and is not prepared to help us.

So, a person must prepare himself for states like these from the start to the degree possible, as far as he is capable. However, in any case, he will fall and get up again, fall and get up.

The group must supply him with the right environment so that through it, he immediately will begin to ascend in that he draws energy like from batteries. Throughout the entire time of ascent, he charges the battery so that when needed he can use it.

That is how it is necessary to relate to an environment. For this purpose, the Shevirat HaKelim (shattering of the vessels) was made for we apparently cannot get along without an external battery like this. We invest our energy in it, accumulate our investment, the effort, and after that, it is possible to use it. It is impossible to advance without a battery of energy like this.

This is the guarantee of our mutual love “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Guarantee is not something that someone else needs. Rather, we need it ourselves. This is because we cannot get out of the descents if we don’t rise all the time in levels of mutual participation and connection.

So, these descents are necessary to teach us how to behave correctly so that we won’t flee and shatter into fragments. I understand that there are descents where it is impossible to get out of bed, where you feel physically dead. Everyone goes through states like these and stays alive. There is nothing to be concerned about or to fear.

However, ultimately it is necessary to understand, organize together, and struggle with them. We are standing before a mountain of thoughts, Mount Sinai (hatred) that you cannot ascend without mutual guarantee.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/14, Writing of Rabash

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The Nakedness Of Thy Father

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Acharei Mot), 18:7: The nakedness of thy father, and the nakedness of thy mother, shalt thou not uncover: she is thy mother; thou shalt not uncover her nakedness.

“The nakedness of thy father and the nakedness of thy mother shalt thou not uncover,” refers to the prohibition of receiving the direct Light from the spiritual system of AVI (Aba ve Ima – Father and Mother). The Light that constantly descends from above is only in clothing that matches it.

In our world, for example, I can transmit a certain frequency over a great distance, but in empty space, my transmission only can spread out a distance of a kilometer or so.

If I wish to transmit sound to a distance of five hundred kilometers, or in space, I must increase the ordinary frequency by dressing it in a higher frequency. When one frequency rides on another, I perform modulation, and then the signal is transmitted smoothly.

In other words, the frequency of sound rides on the greater frequency of my generator. Thus, I thus transmit the sound. At the same time, the form of my sound is on a high frequency, and the transmitter that transmits it through a filter removes it, thus leaving only the voice frequency that enters the loudspeaker, through which the sound is heard.

Thus, the sound from the transmitter to the receiver is on high frequency and undergoes modulation and filtering. This is fulfilled according to the model of the passage of the Upper Light. The physical laws in our world are a result of the attributes of the Upper Light. If we wish to transmit something a great distance, we always transmit it through some environment or by riding a higher frequency.

It is the same in the spiritual world. If there is a signal from below, it must be dressed in some other Light, another frequency. The clothing is the Light of Hassadim, the Light of Hesed, the Light of bestowal that must come from the source to the receiver. The receiver must have the opposite attribute in order to receive this attribute and to separate the inner attribute of bestowal from the actual receiving.

The bestowal that descends from the system of Father and from the system of Mother (the Light of Hochma and the Light of Hassadim) is always dressed in such clothing. When they descend, we can connect them only in blocks that are similar to one another. Therefore, there is the restriction of “the nakedness of thy father…shalt thou not uncover,” which means that it is forbidden to uncover the Light of Hochma that is not dressed in the Light of Hassadim.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 3/19/14

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 10.27.14

Writings of RabashShlavei HaSulam,” Article 29

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts “Introduction,” “The Eighth Commandment,” Item 228 

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Peace,” “The Wheel of Transformation of the Form”

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