Transform To Become An Active Part Of The General System

laitman_249-01Question: We have connections with many Jewish youth organizations. How timely is it to be involved with dissemination in a Jewish environment in our nation and how do we approach this?

Answer: I don‘t think that the prerequisites for this exist in Russia and in the Ukraine. The Jewish stratum of the population is still not concerned about questions of its nationality.

As long as the surrounding population has not touched upon this question, they don’t care about anything. But when a wave of anti-Semitism reaches them, then it could be that conditions for leaving will appear.

The fact is that the Creator will completely arouse anti-Semitism in all parts of the world to its greatest depths and will not let any Jews live in peace so that they will understand that physical persecution is conditional upon bringing them to carry out their spiritual mission.

After all,  without the participation of all the Jews of the world, the correction of humanity is impossible. We need to get them used to dissemination, study, and the implementation of this program. Otherwise there will not be success.

When we are talking about a general network in which each one of us is a node on a particular juncture in the network,  the Jews are specifically those small nodes (links) that have been actively participating in the work of this network for nearly two thousand years. They belong to the group of Abraham; they worked within the system correctly from the start but then fell from this level, which itself caused all of this.

Now this group must create itself again. By restoring the right connection, they will attract all the rest of the small links after them. And without the correction of the parts of the network that were once active, we cannot reach the correct and harmonious working of the entire system called the “soul” in which to reveal the Creator.

When the system is awakened, it searches for the problem. So then anti-Semitism appears. The connection network feels that its active parts are acting negatively and working against it.

So the anti-Semites are right when they see that the Jews, who are the inner part of the system, are the source of its malfunction. The negative association directed at Jews throughout the world must bring them to an awareness of their function within the system, and then they will begin to be corrected against their will.

The Bnei Baruch group was created among these parts that were acting incorrectly, trying to participate correctly in the work of the system. It follows that the anti-Semites will put pressure on the Jews of the world on all sides, and from within we will begin to explain to them how they must be corrected to transform into active positive parts for the entire system, meaning for all humanity. So with the help of both of them, the work will be carried out for the correction of the entire connected network.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Writing of Rabash

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