The Root Of Ebola: Isolation Will Not Help

Laitman_703_04Question: You say that today we represent a single organism. Consequently, ailments of society apply to each individual because he is part of the whole?

Answer: Yes. What is needed today is general calculation. After all, we have closed the entire globe, all the continents, all civilizations, all the nations and peoples into a single planetary civilization system. Therefore, no one alone can correct anything in it. On the contrary, all decisions must be all-inclusive.

We already see and will see more and more clearly in the coming years how various natural disasters affect everyone. In oriental medicine, it is customary to find out what exactly caused the disease in a person.

Today, a collective illness, which affects everyone, is added to this. Therefore, treatment should be comprehensive, holistic, and not fragmented.

Only in recent years have we begun to understand that humanity is a single entity. We have taken hold of the entire globe, have established a variety of interconnections, found ourselves dependent upon each other, and all of them are the outward signs of our undivided unity. That is why the imbalance in one place is reflected on everyone.

In the past, what did the Indians have to do with what was happening in Europe? They did not even know of its existence. The same with the Australian aborigines and many others. The Chinese have long been shut off from the world; the Japanese did not let foreigners in.

But today, everything has changed. We are one, entwined by the threads of interconnections. The internal evolution of human society seemingly weaved a blanket, common for everyone, and covered the Earth with it.

That is why no one can isolate himself from the world to establish happiness in one individual country or village. Isolation will not help because it cannot be achieved. No one can escape to his own private island in the middle of the ocean.

The system does not take into account our childish attempts to hide in a shell. The system’s forces and laws penetrate any wall and barrier, merging everyone together. No matter how much you distance yourself, no matter how much you isolate yourself, you are connected by invisible threads with all of humanity, and its fate will still be yours.

We will see how the most “protected” countries become vulnerable, despite all the precautions. If imbalance has affected the system, then it has affected all the nations and continents to the extent of how much each of them lacks balance.

In the end, one way or the other, everything depends only on the imbalance of human society. Therefore, only by maintaining social balance can we protect our health. If we want to get rid of diseases, then it is one more reason to balance social relations. Otherwise, no medications will help.

It all starts with a person. People need to know that they are in a unified system that must be brought into balance, as this is the benchmark, the sign and the basis of all types of health: physical, family and social.

Question: What does it mean, “to bring into balance”? How is it expressed?

Answer: It means that we interact with each other as if we are parts of one body. Indeed it is in reality. Any system is a body, parts of which care about each other.

At least, it is necessary, finally, to think about this; we need initial advancements in this direction. And then we will see how Ebola along with other ailments retreats, releasing enormous resources that are being invested today in pharmacology and medicine. They will not require these investments, if only we will support social health.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19/14

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