Ebola Is A Virus Of Imbalance

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Ebola epidemic is threatening the world by putting humanity on the borderline between life and death. Where does the virus come from and what can we do to stop it?

Answer: The Ebola epidemic has attracted the attention of the whole world, but in fact there are many problems we have to deal with which are just as serious.

All the problems stem from the imbalance in human society. It is difficult to distinguish which of the problems that we are causing bring about wars and which bring about diseases, tsunamis, or volcanic eruptions.

There are many natural factors that can be more harmful to humanity than the Ebola virus. Experts, for example, predict a great volcanic eruption in California. Volcanic activity is constantly growing there and an eruption is very near.

If that happens, the ash could cover the whole sky to such an extent that we would not be able to see the sun. The temperature would drop to minus 50 degrees Celsius or even minus 70 degrees. It is unclear how we would be able to survive in such conditions.

We are in one system and its imbalance has reached a critical red line, which evokes the negative forces in nature. Everything depends on the level and type of imbalance that we summon. No one is punishing us on purpose in this way, and it is actually the natural response of the system. If the system is out of balance, it hits us.

We may, however, call it punishment, since on earlier levels in the past, we developed by blows that pushed us forward. The Ice Age is such an example. Baal HaSulam says that when the planet Earth was formed, it went through several phases of alternating heating and cooling and each period lasted for about thirty million years until the crust of the earth upon which life could exist was created on top of this giant volcano.

There have always been extreme processes on the surface of the earth, but they have quieted down and brought the earth to a state of balance so that life forms could appear. The temperature difference between winter and summer is about 20 degrees at the most, which is a negligible difference compared to what happened on this planet before it reached a balanced state when the temperature would rise to 2,000 degrees and drop to 50 or 200 degrees below zero.

Balance was achieved in certain conditions in which we can exist. Protein life can exist thanks to a temperature balance on earth, in the oceans, and on land.

As man developed, he rose above this whole system. All parts of nature are connected to one system: the atmosphere, the oceans, and the continents. The earth doesn’t exist according to the laws of states and nations that are divided by borders but as one planet with one ecology and general, collective, natural processes. People living on this planet today upset the balance.

This system has no intention of punishing us, but it reacts according to our actions, so we receive what we deserve from it. Of course it beats us for upsetting the balance on our human level. As a negative factor causing disequilibrium, humanity receives a counterstrike.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19/14

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