An Upper Doctor

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If we are all connected by one integral system, incorporated in one another, then can my illness be clarified in my own prison?

Answer: Of course, we are all ill for someone, but we just don’t know for who, why and how.

What is more, if your leg hurts, let’s disconnect it from the head that is the center of feeling the pain and you will not feel the pain anymore, even if your leg is cut off. Everything is felt in the head, not in the other parts of the body.

A person is never ill for himself, he may feel a pain in his body, but actually this is how the feeling of the bad connection between him and others is revealed.

Question: The Torah says that in such cases a person should turn to the priest. If I have a wound, I shouldn’t go to the doctor but to the priest.

Answer: The priest looks at me and says: “what have you violated my friend? Something is wrong here!”

This means that he sees some imbalance. It is like allopathy, not folk medicine but natural medicine that is energetically closed in its thought and structure according to the inner mutual connection and the flow of forces. A human body includes the whole universe in it.

A real healer (a priest) understands all that. A priest is the uppermost level of a person’s development, and so he can see all the discrepancies in a person and identify what level they are on and how to heal them.

The healing begins by isolating the patient from others because it is impossible to correct his connection with the rest of the camp, with the rest of the group of people if he is in such a poor, low condition.

Seven days, Hesed, Gevura, Tifferet, Netzach, Hod, and Yesod, is the total disconnection from people during which the isolated area is corrected by the Masach (screen), a force. Then he can go back to the right connection with others. This is how the root of the illness is removed and everything is healed.

This is the only way to heal all the problems from the smallest, to the essence, which are a result of nerves. That’s all there is. Correct the mutual relations between people and you will see that all the illnesses will totally disappear on their own! This repeats on all the levels, some on the level of the nerves, and some enter the blood system, some the lymph system, etc. until the whole body is destroyed.

All this is the reflection, the replica of the external mutual relations. Science is already speaking about this.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 2/18/14

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