Balance Between People

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: If a person has a health problem and goes to the doctor, he is given a prescription for a certain medicine and, then for another, then another, and so on. The principle of integrality is based on the fact that illness is the body’s wise, natural response to a person’s wrong doings; if a person changes, he will not have to depend on medication. This principle was used by ancient Chinese medicine that cared about the balance of a person’s body, between a person and nature, between him and other people, and between a person and himself. So how can we come to balance between a person and nature?

Answer: First, people must be taught the principles of integral education. They should know what man, nature, and the balance between man and nature are, what a society is, what the balance between a person and his social environment that surrounds him is, and about the balance with the society, with the family, and with himself.

All this is integral education, and it includes great knowledge. It is enough, however, to teach a person the basis for understanding these categories without going into great depth, so that he will understand what he should do.

After that, we should conduct workshops and training courses in which people will learn what balance with the environment really is. This balance is built on the simple principle of communicating vessels (connected vessels)—in every society, there is mutual penetration when people connect—so, if in one area there is excess temperature, pressure, or other parameters, they penetrate the places where there is a lack of it, according to size, volume, force, and intensity. These processes of mutual penetration take place until absolute balance in every area of society is achieved.

This happens on all levels of nature: mental, psychological, physical, intellectual, and others.

So, all our training is based on the notion of enabling people to come in contact with the world around them in this manner, but first, not with the still matter, the vegetative, and the animate, but with other people.

If a person enters the level of the right balance between himself and others like him, then it naturally automatically balances him individually and in his relationship with his environment. It is because a person’s communication with others is the best and most efficient means for self-correction, for self-change, for self-control with regard to others, and so forth.

Thus, we get the  most accurate picture and the options one has in order to bestow most efficiently on others. So, all our integral education programs are based on mutual cooperation between people and not on a person’s cooperation with nature or with himself in front of the mirror as some kind of inner psychoanalysis. It is attained only between people.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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