Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When using the integral method, we will reveal positive relationships between us and special states: kindness, intimacy, the meaning of life, and a sense of the next level of our development. However, we know that interaction among people causes various forms of conflict and aggressive behavior, such as quarrels, arguments, and so forth.

Answer: Our entire society is built on comparisons, and we must find a common denominator. You have your own ideas, goals, thoughts, tastes, and culture. We each have our own habits. Let’s figure out what we have in common.

Of these two circles, we’ll find one common segment, but large areas still will stay detached. This is my personal territory, there is yours, and we never will understand each other while we hold onto them.

For example, a variety of people from the same society share one culture that is in fact, quite different for its higher and lower segments, for educated people and common people. We see that there is a huge difference in their considerations, attitudes to life, inner codes, relationships within families, among neighbors, work ethics, and so on.

So, it will be very hard for us to arrive at a unified conclusion here. People change just like the society we live in constantly changes. That’s why we always will encounter problems.

Integral upbringing is built on the foundation that we must rise above ourselves. We cross out everything we were used to before today. Not only should we cross out everything we previously had, such as when spouses who decide to start with a clean slate to start a new chapter in their lives, but we also must realize that we have to continue rising above our mundane properties. In other words, our egoistic desire, which represents our internal essence, isn’t involved in the connections between us.

So, it does not matter what inborn qualities we have, nor does what we had been receiving from the environment for 20 to 50 years of our lives, wherever we currently are, or whatever “viruses” we have. It doesn’t mean a thing!

We want to rise to the next level, to the place where we connect with each other and where differences and similarities are not important at all. Let’s say that we sit in a circle and discuss something. We should care less about our personal interests, as if we don’t have them at all.

The only thing that we should have in common is the search of a communal basis that will become the foundation for a totally different type of society, an innovative paradigm, a different dimension in which none of us exists separately, where we represent one common system within which it’s impossible to identify ourselves as “I” since it will be integral and analog. We pursue this state from the very beginning.

That’s why, no matter who comes to the discussion table—nor it is relevant if the tables are small or big enough to encircle the entire Earth and accommodate seven billion people—all of us must search for commonalities that will lead us to our next state, to the main, crucial point from which we will continue growing.

Then, earthly things that we have been accumulating for thousands of years—things that we are comprised of, the society we live in, or anything else that causes contradictions among us—won’t interest us anymore and will just fall down. We must take a new step and cut ourselves off from the place where we are now.

It’s impossible to have five people who are “for” something and one who is against it. That means we will become involved in criticism. There is nothing to criticize! Everything we have dealt with so far is now in a state of crisis and is not suitable for further use. That’s why we simply “wash our hands” and become born anew.

Question: Modern people are built in a way that if they are given only positive information…

Answer: It’s not positive! This is a search, an affliction, an internal tension, and mutual scrutiny, but all of the above should be done only for the sake of the next integral level that we must reach.

I cannot take my current principles, views, criteria, and values with me there because the next realm is totally different. It’s a matrix into which we all are mutually included and where we are completely interconnected with each other. It’s the n-dimension, a space in which I lose the notion of myself. It’s impossible to have my opinion or your outlook there. First, we must reach the connection among us, and then we’ll decide what to do next.

Differences among us still will remain, but they will come from a new level, from the next state. Each of us will be adding much more to become included in the integral mechanism. It still will move forward, but none of this will happen if we continue using our prior egoistic habits and properties. We shouldn’t take them with us.

The animal developmental state is over, and a new step named “A Man” (Adam) will soon begin. It will orient us only toward unification and integration. By no means will it have an egoistic nature as it did in the past, but rather it will be built on the basis of integration, and each of us simply will lose themselves in a collective mechanism.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 5/28/12

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