The Method Of Evoking Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see that the world lacks unity. The common market can serve as a bright example of this. Europeans strove to create unity, but they overlooked that it should be supported by the desire and goodwill to connect among people, countries, and nations.

It’s not enough to establish financial, industrial, and commercial liaisons. Things don’t work without human input. Today, in order to make any business profitable, we must maintain good relationships with employees, spend weekends together with them and their families, open kindergartens, and so forth. Many things lack a human element.

However, the architects of Europe didn’t take into consideration the human factor. They didn’t include integral upbringing in their program. They haven’t taught people to unite and become one entity, instead of simply joining a common market. That’s why their projects have failed.

In Israel, we must consider such things. Correction should be provided through the mass media. I spoke about this fact at the Arosa forum six years ago. We must engage radio, television, the press, the Internet, and educational programs and courses at the workplace and in schools. We must build an environment that will remind people about the necessity to unite in order to survive.

It’s not about being polite to each other, like adults asking small children to stop fighting. We are facing a very difficult choice: Either we go down the path of discord or we choose the path of unity. Taking into consideration the tools of destruction we have at our disposal, it’s extremely dangerous to choose the first option.

Question: What hardships will the people of Israel face if it won’t aspire to unity?

Answer: The Prophets predicted very unpleasant things. The people of Israel will implement their predetermination anyhow, even if it will require tremendous pressure and predicaments.

It is said that potential affliction is not limited by the next world war. As it is written in the Holy Scriptures, “The hands of merciful women have boiled their own children. They have been for food to them.” Terrible commentaries are given in this respect. All of them are meant to obligate the people of Israel to fulfill their mission to correct the world.

The people of Israel must realize that no one else in the world has the authority, except them, nor does anyone else have a chance to achieve this task. The explanations that are given to other nations are needed only to make them comprehend the role of the people of Israel and then compel the people of Israel to act in good faith, thus avoiding catastrophes by pushing them to begin doing their work.

Because our correction bears a common and reciprocal nature, the people of Israel must elucidate and disseminate the knowledge of it and implement the method of integral upbringing, which explains how to unite and where to start the process. We conduct our activities in Israel to demonstrate that it is possible and to initiate this practice.

Everywhere we go, we try to organize roundtable discussions and create an atmosphere of collaboration. This applies not only to the Jews but to everyone who lives here. All our neighbors and the entire world must understand that it is possible.

The purpose of the people of Israel is inextricably linked with the correction of the world. As it is written, “And you shall be unto Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation,” meaning that the sparks of bestowal and love should pour onto all nations through the sons of Israel. If this nation doesn’t choose to act accordingly and doesn’t transmit the Light to the entire world, it will be deprived of its role on the world stage, and thus will turn into an unnecessary part.

The principle, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” is the basis for the Jewish people. It has been preserved since Abraham first formulated it. However, those are not only beautiful words, but a real methodology of attaining unity that allows the stirring of the love of other nations and, consequently, uniting so that everyone becomes as “one man with one heart.”

The method is quite simple. Egoism (the left line) is rapidly developing within us, yet we must come to the middle line. For that, we sit down at a roundtable, or without it, in groups of ten people and begin talking about unity and solidarity. At the same time, each of us diminishes their left line (ego) and enhances the part that is oriented toward love and connection with others. As a result, the left line lowers, whereas the right line moves up.

Then, while we are applying efforts to unite, we see that it is possible because of the power of love (the right line) that rules among us. If we happen to unite, we resolve the problems that are caused by our egoism, that is, in our left line. As it happens, it’s not that complicated to combine them together, and out of this combination, we can grow the middle line.

Now, we understand that the sons of Israel went through exile and not by accident; they needed to acquire their ego. It amplifies the value of love that they possessed at the times of the Temple.

In Hebrew, the Temple stands for “the House of Sanctity,” that is, a general spiritual vessel where mutual bestowal and reciprocal love dwells. In ancient times, the Jewish people attained it to a certain extent, but, essentially, they must reach the level of the Third Temple. Today, we must return to love by going above the egoism that was acquired in exile and exalt it above the left line to the level that is called “the Third Temple.”
From a Conversation on 6/5/12

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