Contrary To Primordial Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is this falsehood in daily life and in spiritual work? It is poured on us not only from the television screens but also from other media sources. What is this desire to distort information, and what is the technology for its correction?

Answer: Our primordial nature, the need to be satisfied with fulfillments encourages us to lie to ourselves. If I cannot be fulfilled, then my ego still yearns to protect itself and to limit its suffering because its only direction is to be happy, full, satisfied, and independent. So if I cannot get something, I close my eyes to it.

It is said, “A simple man does not want the daughter of a king.” He does not suffer that he will never have a princess because he knows that she is not for him. His ego automatically closes off this suffering for him: “Don’t be upset, you don’t have a need for this. Think about that girl who lives near you in the neighborhood. She is for you.”

Our ego behaves like this in all relationships. So when we see that we cannot attain something, we immediately abandon these thoughts so that we will not suffer in vain. This is an original system of self-defense. It exists in nature on all levels: the still, vegetative, animate, and of course on our mental level.

We behave similarly with regard to spirituality. We don’t really have serious desires for greater levels. We don’t feel them; we ourselves conceal them from ourselves! How much effort is required to orient ourselves towards a higher level, the level of today plus one? And so we always run away from it.

This means that our ego automatically destroys us; it distances us from the spiritual goal and directs us towards what exists here in front of us. I can see the higher level, but don’t want to invest effort for it, so I don’t see it. That is all.

How is it possible to correct this? Only with the help of the environment. I look at how the friends differ in their excitement: “Do you see? Yes, this is wonderful!” So I envy them. Even when they work on me, I am still envious of them. Maybe they really feel something and I don’t.

We need to play as if we are already in spiritual attainment in front of each other; then the friend will also want it. He will invest energy to attain spirituality. And when I look at him, there will be the force of envy. And in this manner, when one envies the other, we raise each other. This is the first principle of mutual cooperation in a group.

It is possible to use this in circles, to awaken the people everywhere, so that they will feel that it is possible to feel and see spirituality.

Every person has senses for all 125 spiritual levels, and for the last level, which is the completion of correction. But we don’t activate them! The whole problem is that.

So we need to evoke, impress, and inspire each other so that yearning and desire will appear in each one of us, desire that will devour us like good envy burning within us, so they won’t let us fall asleep! This can be done.
From the International Summer Camp In Bulgaria “Day One” 7/11/14, Lesson 2

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