Working With A Person’s Desire

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the same time as the activity in Sochi, we have been involved with active dissemination in our locale. There have been close to two thousand people who have gone through our programs and have participated in circles and workshops. There were people who came regularly, time after time.

The question is: “What is our ultimate goal?” A person comes, sits in a circle; he likes the connection and unity; he even takes part in creating contact with us and later can act with us in partnership. But what is the goal? Is it that they will live better? What ultimately must happen?

Answer: The idea is that you must work on a person’s desire, on what he wants in his life. Accordingly, you must develop courses. Someone is interested in creating a family, another is interested in the education of children, a third is interested in working with his subordinates, a fourth is interested in mutual cooperation with the world, how can he be included in a society, more peaceful and healthy, etc. It is necessary to think about what he might “buy,” towards what his interests are directed.

Suppose that I go out to people. A hundred people are in front of me. I sit them in a shared general circle and go through a workshop in which they will begin to feel the right warm mutual cooperation between them. And it won’t be bad here if you ask them what they want in life, what is their inclination and yearning, what interests and concerns them. So I can easily determine in what kind of group I should include them.

This is because I have groups for the education of children, for creating a family, for improving productivity, to improve atmosphere in organizations, and more. But the direction of the group itself is not important to me because I teach them how to act with the right mutual partnership so that they will organize the right society among themselves.

The main thing for me is that they accept and perceive this right society as a field for discovering the unique force of nature where the characteristics of connection, mutuality, love, and warmth are created. They must feel this!

We must try to explain everything to them in a simple language, in the right, scientific language, with examples from daily life. Together with this, we summon a force that heals and calms us, that gives us a sensation of warmth, trust, and security. It creates everything that we greatly lack for a good existence. We need to bring them to it.

Essentially, without mentioning the Creator, we talk about His revelation, but we talk in words like these, so that they will understand all of this and no problems will pop up with them. It is necessary to develop our mutual cooperation with them specifically in this way, and the result of these courses will be the feeling of the general characteristic of nature: God is love.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Shamati #5

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