The Root Of Ebola

Dr. Michael LaitmanReference: Disturbing headlines in the media tell of a serious epidemic of Ebola rapidly spreading in several countries in Africa. Currently, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are about 4,500 deaths and around 9,000 infected and carriers.

A WHO internal document suggests that attempts to halt the pandemic have failed. The whole world is concerned with what is happening. Of course, a variety of Hollywood movies come to mind, including Virus, filmed almost 20 years ago; its plot is based on the epidemic of Ebola.

In fact, the first outbreak of Ebola was noted in 1976, and since then until 2013 about 1,700 people have died from the disease. Thus, the virus itself is not new, but over the years, it has undergone mutations and shows a very high mortality rate.

Ebola is transmitted by direct contact with bodily fluids of the affected. Its primary symptoms are fever, headaches, dizziness, and other symptoms often associated with influenza.

Over time, the symptoms are aggravated: there is external and internal bleeding, as well as some other characteristic effects. Gradually, the body begins to fatally bleed, and thus the second name of the disease is hemorrhagic fever. The incubation period ranges from 2 to 21 days, a relatively short period.

Meanwhile, the UN has declared the current epidemic as a threat to peace and security.

Question: In the prism of the laws of nature and the direction of the processes going on in it, what exactly creates such an epidemic that caught both victims and scientists off guard?

Answer: Let’s view the picture from the perspective of Kabbalah. We are in a strict natural system, and the imbalance that we cause in it, especially in recent years, brings about phenomena of this kind.

Of course, epidemics occurred in the past. Some of them literally “mowed down” populations. But, anyway, viruses and bacteria, cells and organs, are all elements of the same system. We think that Africa is far away, that we have no connection to it, but in fact we are all parts of a whole.

That is why true medicine would take care to examine the general system and understand how it could be brought back to balance. After all, we systematically cause shifts in it and constantly disturb the balance, which leads to the disintegration of the subsystems and good connections, as well as the creation of new, distorted ties, generating unfit cells.

We would like to erase harmful microbes from our lives. But for microbes, the human body is just a habitat. We are a “biological reservoir” for them in which they can live and multiply.

People drink a bottle of yogurt in the morning with dozens of billions of beneficial bacteria and do not even realize that their body is a “home” for a much greater number of “tenants.”

It turns out that we live in a huge system, where the distance is not so important, where no body is isolated from the community. This is a giant organism in which there are various kinds of beings, both beneficial and harmful to our health.

This system is constantly balancing itself, equalizing differences, and our task is to bring it to a true equilibrium where helpful, friendly microbes are given the opportunity to be in equilibrium with the harmful, pathogenic ones.

Conversely, if we break the balance, even if it is in favor of “friends,” they turn into “enemies.” To balance the “distortion,” they have to turn part of themselves into the opposite.

For example, only fighting against predators and pests brings even greater damage because we disturb the balance of the overall ecosystem. At the turn of the 1960s, China initiated pest control, in particular with sparrows, destroying crops.

Within a year, several million birds were killed, as a result, caterpillars and locusts burgeoned and yields declined so much that there was a famine that killed tens of millions of people.

Thus, there are no “good” and “bad” bacteria or viruses. Our health is based on the equilibrium between them.

Meanwhile, we ourselves occupy the top level in the pyramid of the still, vegetative, animate, and human nature. And our problem is how here, at the top, can we create a balance among ourselves? If we would, equilibrium would then descend from the highest level of the hierarchy to all other levels and would adjust all the connections. That’s right, from top to bottom the entire system is ordered.

Therefore, it all depends on people. I don’t want to appear as a fortune teller or a moralist, but if we, as a society, would try to maintain a balance among each other, if we would introduce into the social environment a little more equality, a little more warmth, closeness, and mutual aid, it would have a beneficial impact on the lower levels of the total hierarchy, down to the still nature, including terrestrial and aquatic fauna and flora and the planet itself with its volcanoes, hurricanes, floods and other disasters. Thanks to us, the world would be eventually at rest.

After all, the human being occupies the top level in evolutionary development. In particular, social human relations today cause a total imbalance.

In this perspective, the essence of the problem is not Ebola and other troubles that threaten us. Many diseases that were rampant in the Middle Ages seemed to have vanished, but in reality they haven’t.

If we continue to exacerbate social imbalances, if we continue to break all the good relations among each other, up to the complete rejection of unity and balance, then by “our efforts” forgotten diseases and misfortunes will return. The current protection from them is not wholly a panacea, and it will turn out that there is no remedy.

Indeed, we are continuing our detrimental development and it is clear that we are drawn into a protracted, interminable crisis. As a consequence, we cause problems, diseases, and other manifestations of imbalance but on another level, on the other loop. Therefore, the old means and medications will not help.

The time has come to reflect and understand that the only medicine that can protect and safeguard us all is in human society’s balance. Only by positive relations on the top level of this system, which is under our control, will allow us to ensure our health.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19

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