ISIS: We Will Fly The Jihad Flag Above The Vatican

Dr. Michael Laitman

In the News (from New York Post): “The fanatical jihadists have published an image of their black flag with white Arab lettering flying above the Vatican on the cover of their English-language magazine Dabiq.

“The cover story, ‘The Failed Crusade,’ envisions the ancient Italian city under the rule of a Caliph and a hardline Sharia regime, according to the Jerusalem Post.

“‘The Islamic State claims it will one day conquer Rome, threatening to “break [the] crosses” of infidels and sell and trade their women.”…

“Pope Francis has called for international action to stop the group and backed the US-led coalition that has been striking ISIS targets.”

My Comment: In the prophecies of the correction of the world, which, according to Kabbalists, must be realized beginning with our time, and further, the war of Islam against the Christian world is indicated as the first phase of the correction of the world.

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