Right-Wing Extremism In Europe, Part 2

Dr. Michael Laitman

This Old, Old World

Question: Europe has already had bitter experiences; it has known so many wars. Why doesn’t it try to break the present trend of xenophobia?

Answer: We live in different times. Contemporary modern Europe is not prepared to fight. For example, when I was in Germany I talked with politicians, mayors, and public figures; they admitted to me that people are simply exhausted, subconsciously exhausted. Clearly, it is possible to go out and protest with loud voices, but basically, the Europeans are not prepared to resist what is happening.

What is it that apparently prevents the leaders or others who appear to be unanimously against ideas that bankrupt multiculturalism, against disturbances to the “non-indigenous” sectors,  from taking to street demonstration? But no, people are not prepared to protest. The time of battles has passed, and today they are not ready to fight.

Basically nothing serious stands behind even the neo-Nazi proclamations. These are not the fascists who led the torchlight parades of the 20th century.

Question: And yet people are voting for the extreme right-wingers, adding political weight to them.

Answer: It is political, but no more than this. They are not ready and are not prepared for a true war within Europe. The Europeans have no power and no incentive. They have aged, and this is very noticeable. Even though people disagree somewhat with what is happening, and even though the young still go out into the streets here and there, in general the old world has aged and weakened and put up its hands.
From KabTV’s  “A New Life” 9/9/14

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