EU As An Incentive For Neo-fascism

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Vesti Finance): “Economic problems cause fascism. The theme of strengthening of Anti-European and nationalistic sentiments in Europe is increasingly drawing attention. Neo-Fascists today consider the European Union as an example of coalescence of the state and corporate power.

“The French, Spaniards, Hungarians, Greeks and others who did not integrate in the market are faced with the fact that the interests of corporations are ahead of its individual parts. Transferring the production to regions with lower costs, active use of migrant workers, and cuts in public spending pave the way for the growing nationalist sentiments.”

My Comment: If we are late with a voluntary transition to the new socio-economic formation, in building a unified planetary equal society, mutually bound by a single good force, instead an opposite society emerges: fascism.

It is logical that in place of the European Common Market (EU), where everyone would have to be unified not for profit but for the sake of happiness in union, equality, and freedom from the evil nature of egoism and competition, by replacing the noble concept of unity with the concept of the common market, mutual hatred arises. If a sudden flash in Europe occurs, logically a world war would break out.

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