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The Concept Of Survival Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Orazaly Sabden, PhD, professor and academician, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, President of the Union of Kazakhstan Scientists)The planet is undergoing significant changes. All the living on earth have to survive and adapt to new conditions. The reason for change is the rapid development of civilization with its aggressive and regressive actions. The problems of globalization are increasing and can break everything that has been accumulated by humankind for centuries. Major social, political and economic problems in the world are aggravated. The world community cannot find a way out of the current situation. Now, humanity is in the first phase of a global ecological catastrophe. The vast resources of the biosphere will end by the end of this century.

The Earth is a planetary home of civilization, which consists of spirituality, scientific and technological revolution, the environment, space, security and economy. There is a need to develop a model of global governance and regulation of global processes.

Now we need not the divisions of countries, authorities, but vice versa – planetary cooperation of nations and ethnic groups. Appropriate institutions should be created to deal with this.”

My Comment: Exiting a dead end is possible only by recognizing the need to change not the external conditions but human nature. Although this seems impossible, one, there is no other solution, and two, if we use the method of integral unity, the problem of re-educating people can be easily solved.

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First Thank, Then Ask

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  What is each friend’s work to constantly hold everyone in a collective prayer (raising MAN)?

Answer:  Each and every one must discover within himself a deficiency regarding the group and disseminate this to others, in other words, to show love to your friends. And, besides this, we need to awaken all to a general concern for correcting the world, bringing everyone to form a single family.

We need to speak about this between us, disseminate this to the entire world, and provide confidence to every one that this is precisely what the Creator wants. Toward this form of humanity, as one family, we need to go forward and raise this as a prayer.

First of all, we need to praise and give thanks, to speak about the greatness of this mission and all of its components. And then we ask for the revelation of the Creator to the creatures, i.e., that everyone will feel the importance of bestowal. This is called the revelation of the Creator to the creatures.
From the 1
st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/7/14, Writings of Rabash

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A Vessel With A Bottleneck

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion:  Why do those who follow the spiritual path experience the same problems like the rest of the world and have no answer for them?

Answer:  Why do you say that there is no answer? There is an explanation for every problem; our incongruity with the Light, which already should be revealed in us. This is where all problems stem from.

If your desire to receive is less corrected than it should be, the Light that has to appear in the desire to receive is felt as sufferings, problems, pain, and disasters.

The dissimilarity with the desire to receive on the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature causes ecological crises: problems with vegetation, crop failure; diseases of animals, of people, and all of humanity.

Your desire to receive is to blame for all that because it hasn’t undergone the right correction yet. It makes no difference what the problem is, they all stem only from the lack of similarity of the vessel to the Light.

Suppose the desire should be 20% corrected by now, but it is only 2% corrected. So 18% is revealed in the form of the Light pressuring the vessel as the posterior of the Light, in the form of sufferings, troubles, and misery.

The word “troubles” (“Tsarot” in Hebrew) stems from the Hebrew word “narrow” (Tsar), and it refers to a narrow place, a bottleneck, because you don’t open your vessel. You don’t have enough Light of Hassadim to expand and to open the vessel, and so the Light is before it, pressuring it. You can feel this pressure as troubles, problems, diseases, and disasters.

We have to correct the problem on the same physical level that it appears, and at the same time ask for its correction from Above, from the Creator, this is operating on both planes. Baal HaSulam says that we should go to the doctor to get medicine and follow his or her instructions, but at the same time it should be clear to a person that it is all useless and depends only on the Creator, not on the doctor.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/14, Writings of Rabash 

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Like A Clenched Fist

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is impossible to attract the Light that Reforms to oneself, rather everyone needs to do this for others. This is called praying for one’s friend. My particular work is to cause the Light to bestow to the entire group and unite us more strongly.

And then according to the degree of the effort to connect, the concentration of all of us together, we discover the Light with greater and greater intensity: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, Yechida. The power of concentration determines the spiritual levels: 125 levels of concentration, intensity of connection.

And if I won’t do this, who will? Then my part will remain empty. It impossible that I am not able to do this because there is a part that I must correct.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/6/14, Writings of the Ari

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Yearning For Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When I feel causeless hatred towards a friend, I cannot figure out how to get out of it.

Answer: Hatred lacks a foundation; it is a spiritual category that manifests in a person without a reason; it is simply because his ego burns in him.

Such issues can only be solved together in a discussion with other friends. The idea is that the correction is realized specifically when a strong rejection appears between us.

Unfounded hatred is a clear and accurate discovery of shattered desires. It is said that rejection became the reason for the destruction of the Second Temple, when instead of connection, solidarity, mutual assistance, and love between people, suddenly intense hatred flared up. And this is what led to and caused the shattering of the collective spiritual Kli (vessel).

So, when such situations like these appear, gather together quickly and try to discuss them in the form of a workshop. First, without any agenda, without touching anyone personally, and without intending for a mandatory solution for the question, which concerns all because manifestations of unfounded hatred exists in each one of us.

It appears all the time for some unknown, inexplicable reasons or without any reason: Well, I cannot stand him, I cannot come to an agreement with him, we don’t understand each other, or something pushes me away from him.

It is necessary to clarify whether there is some reason by gathering into groups of five or ten with friends to discuss the issue. At the same time, I cannot say that I feel dislike someone, but I want to find out why my attitude to him is revealed in this way.

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An Intention Embodied In Action

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is more important in mutual guarantee, the physical obligation (to awaken the friends, telephones, etc.) or an intention about the group with thoughts and intentions?

Answer: An intention about the group with thoughts and intentions is not just important but necessary. But people who think that this is enough are sadly mistaken, because theory without practical action is dead.

So if you can also practically strengthen and increase your participation in gathering the group, then it is a full and final action. An action cannot be completed with only an intention. It is possible to check it only when you embody the intention in the action itself.

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The Evil (Impure) Spirit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Does dissemination require physical actions or are one’s internal thoughts enough?

Answer: Those who only think without acting are called the impure spirit. In the spiritual world, there are forces, all sorts of spirits and demons; there are thoughts that are not accompanied by any actions.

When one goes through a restriction and obtains a screen, the reflected Light practically works with one’s spiritual vessels. In this case, one is capable of spiritual actions without being involved in materiality. However, it depends on the situation; we know that Baal HaSulam traveled to Poland to meet with workers who participated in a May Day demonstration. He published the newspaper The Nation in Israel, which caused a tremendous adverse reaction that continued till the last days of his life.

Our world is the world of actions. If you don’t do anything in this reality, you cannot even fantasize about it. After all, the practical implementation is confirmation of our thoughts, that we really are in this action.

So if you already have screens and can work with them, you can do without materiality. However, in this case one will undoubtedly seek any opportunity to connect with the general public and correction through this action. After all, one understands that “the Creator dwells among His people,” at the lowest level, and that from there you can start your correction.

The only thing that might stop any of you is an objective assessment that clearly demonstrates that approaching the general public may harm the dissemination of the wisdom of Kabbalah and the world’s overall correction. In this case one should stop and wait. However, this situation is not valid anymore today because everything is already opened. We are in a world that has been in need of a practical correction for quite a long time now.

You cannot just work on the Internet and assume this is sufficient. Even if your group decides that you are needed in this or that particular field of work, you still have to participate in physical actions and common work. Without physical activities that involve real people, we will never correct their souls. Period!
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/18/14

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Spiritual Sabbath

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our inner understanding of the Sabbath is different from the religious understanding in Judaism based on the materialization of the commandments.

Answer: The physical engagements that religious Jews observe on an everyday basis are material replications of spiritual actions, Kabbalah recommends following them.

However, Kabbalah doesn’t teach us just to fulfill physical actions in this material world, nor does it recommend sitting and doing nothing on Saturdays. Kabbalah teaches us to correct our ego during the six week-days, i.e., to connect with others. When we establish a clear connection with others, we will realize that we are incapable of connecting with them on our own on the seventh day.

We see that communism, socialism, communes, and kibbutzim cannot change the state of affairs in the world. This is possible only if we act according to the scheme that gives us the opportunity to correctly collect all the broken parts together during the first six days, resulting, on the seventh day, with all our desires and aspirations to assemble everybody back together accumulating and being glued together under the influence of the upper force that once broke them apart. Therefore, by gathering the parts of the common soul back together, we allow the Light that once shattered them to glue them together again.

By acting so, what do we achieve? When we work for the six days, we begin to understand exactly how exactly these parts can be assembled, we see whether they match, how they impact and help each other, how they self-annul in front of each other and then connect above their egoism.

But we are just trying! People are unable to do anything on their own, which is what Soviet Russia and other countries of the world tried to do; some societies are trying to do so now.

But this is impossible because we lack the force that is able to change things because we are only in our will to receive. But if we do it correctly, we will gradually accumulate the Upper Light, then after we finish constructing this system, the Light will influence us and completes it.

If we leave it as is or just neglect it, we won’t attain the right connection with the Light. In fact this is what the shattering was for, so that now from the broken lowest point, we should glue the broken parts together into a new whole. The breaking was in order for us to understand the properties of the Light, to connect, and to rise to its level. This is the purpose of creation, the reason for everything that happens with us and in the entire universe.

Therefore, the seventh day of the week is the cornerstone and is called “Sabbath – Shabbat” from the Hebrew word “shvitah,” which means exemption from work. We allow the Light to work instead of us and to be included in it. The six days are not about actual days; they are  actions that can be done, for example, in 15 minutes, but it could take you two months.

Every seventh stage should always be that in addition to your efforts, you  look to the action of the Light and begin to understand its properties. In other words, the Light’s qualities enter the system of mutual connection that we have created. And then we ascend the next level and attain the properties of the Light to the degree of our efforts made during the six weekdays.

This is how we work, week after week, until we reach the complete reunification of all the broken parts into a single unified soul and attaining the Light that acts inside the system, that is. the Creator:  the original force that made the entire universe. This is our work, our goal, our advancement.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/10/13

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 04.09.14

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