Spiritual Sabbath

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Our inner understanding of the Sabbath is different from the religious understanding in Judaism based on the materialization of the commandments.

Answer: The physical engagements that religious Jews observe on an everyday basis are material replications of spiritual actions, Kabbalah recommends following them.

However, Kabbalah doesn’t teach us just to fulfill physical actions in this material world, nor does it recommend sitting and doing nothing on Saturdays. Kabbalah teaches us to correct our ego during the six week-days, i.e., to connect with others. When we establish a clear connection with others, we will realize that we are incapable of connecting with them on our own on the seventh day.

We see that communism, socialism, communes, and kibbutzim cannot change the state of affairs in the world. This is possible only if we act according to the scheme that gives us the opportunity to correctly collect all the broken parts together during the first six days, resulting, on the seventh day, with all our desires and aspirations to assemble everybody back together accumulating and being glued together under the influence of the upper force that once broke them apart. Therefore, by gathering the parts of the common soul back together, we allow the Light that once shattered them to glue them together again.

By acting so, what do we achieve? When we work for the six days, we begin to understand exactly how exactly these parts can be assembled, we see whether they match, how they impact and help each other, how they self-annul in front of each other and then connect above their egoism.

But we are just trying! People are unable to do anything on their own, which is what Soviet Russia and other countries of the world tried to do; some societies are trying to do so now.

But this is impossible because we lack the force that is able to change things because we are only in our will to receive. But if we do it correctly, we will gradually accumulate the Upper Light, then after we finish constructing this system, the Light will influence us and completes it.

If we leave it as is or just neglect it, we won’t attain the right connection with the Light. In fact this is what the shattering was for, so that now from the broken lowest point, we should glue the broken parts together into a new whole. The breaking was in order for us to understand the properties of the Light, to connect, and to rise to its level. This is the purpose of creation, the reason for everything that happens with us and in the entire universe.

Therefore, the seventh day of the week is the cornerstone and is called “Sabbath – Shabbat” from the Hebrew word “shvitah,” which means exemption from work. We allow the Light to work instead of us and to be included in it. The six days are not about actual days; they are  actions that can be done, for example, in 15 minutes, but it could take you two months.

Every seventh stage should always be that in addition to your efforts, you  look to the action of the Light and begin to understand its properties. In other words, the Light’s qualities enter the system of mutual connection that we have created. And then we ascend the next level and attain the properties of the Light to the degree of our efforts made during the six weekdays.

This is how we work, week after week, until we reach the complete reunification of all the broken parts into a single unified soul and attaining the Light that acts inside the system, that is. the Creator:  the original force that made the entire universe. This is our work, our goal, our advancement.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/10/13

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