The Wholeness Of Sabbath

Dr. Michael Laitman

How thy restfulness, thou Shabbat – the Queen
So we will run towards, come veiled bride!
Dressed in lovely clothes to light a candle in blessing
And all work completed, you shall not labor
From the evening, inviting a variety of delicacies (still from darkness)
The day before the fattened roosters are ready
And set several varieties, and drink fragrant wines
And delightful delicacies in all three times
(From the Shabbat Song: How Friendly Thy Restfulness)

Sabbath is the highest state and there is no higher state. Sabbath stands for the end of correction, the full adhesion of a person with the Creator in all his desires and his intentions. What can be greater than that? Adhesion is the goal of creation.

Three meals and three references correspond with the three lines. Sabbath is the middle line, wholeness that was created from the darkness and the Light by their completion of one another, and not by the annulment of one another. This is actually how the wholeness is attained. This means that we shouldn’t annul the evil, but rather add it to the good so that “the darkness shall illuminate like the Light.”

Israel is called the chosen people only because it has the middle line, because it’s the only way we reach the solution to all the questions. And even the evil inclination becomes the good inclination.

A special Light comes to the Sabbath, which completes the whole work. All our preparations are necessary only for the correction that will take place on the Sabbath. Everything is done by the Upper Light and not by us. We only prepare the vessels, our desires, during the six thousand years of the week days. Then comes the Light and corrects them. So we mustn’t perform any corrections during Sabbath, since it’s the state of my recognition that only the Creator can correct everything and not I. I make all the preparations and let the Creator perform the correction since I am certainly unable to do so.
From the Talk at a Meal 2/21/14

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