Birth, Feeding, And School Years

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, Article “The Cup of Blessing Must Be Complete”: In the state of Ibur (gestation), the upper level corrects a person. One is like a fetus in its mother’s womb, who completely annuls himself before its mother, doesn’t have an opinion of its own, and “consumes what its mother eats.”

Continuous self-annulment before the upper one, constantly advancing, overcoming internal resistance, allowing the upper one to act as it wants is extremely hard work.

It is really hard to constantly self-annul before the upper one in everything we go through, in any situation we experience. Actually, it is next to impossible. However, one applies tremendous exertions, pushes the limits, breaks down, and nevertheless tries again and again. One ties maximally strengthen oneself by replenishing energy from one’s environment, and thanks to this in particular breaks his heart and screams for help from Above. Then, the upper one helps him to annul himself and enter the state of a fetus.

A fetus state lasts for nine months. Each time greater egoism, the desire to receive, is revealed within a person, which he has to overcome again and again, until this period is over, one is born, and enters the state of Yenika (feeding, drawing of sustenance).

In the feeding state, one is already acquainted with the upper one, but that doesn’t mean that one’s state becomes easier. At this point, a greater egoism is revealed. One has to accept the power of the Creator, His greatness, the upper governance, and the supremacy of the force of bestowal over his even stronger egoistic desires.

All one was expected to do as a fetus was to self-annul. It doesn’t mean that one acts mindlessly or feels nothing. At this stage, one still acknowledges the tastes and thoughts relative to which one is self-annulling. At the stage of feeding, one has to partake in one’s own advancement and growth by making decisions whether or not to accept the sustenance. One has to voluntarily agree that one’s entire life is in “milk” (the Light of Hassadim) and that one doesn’t need anything besides it, thus rejecting the state of Gadlut (greatness). This is what our spiritual advancement is about.

The evolution of a spiritual fetus and later on a newborn child are very intense periods of time. As in this world, a person rapidly grows by transforming from a “zero” into a small baby. Then, during the first two years of breast feeding, one transforms from a newborn baby who knows nothing about spirituality into a two-year-old toddler, who walks, thinks, talks, and interacts with the upper one.

After the feeding period is over, a child continues growing in a form similar to the upper mone. When a child stops self-annulling before the upper one, the school years begin. These are stages of human spiritual growth that all of us are facing without exceptions.
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/11/14

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