Sabbath Is A Kind Of Next World

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati #190, “Every Action Leaves an Imprint”:  And certainly, tasting from the next world requires great preparations during the six days of action. To the extent that one has prepared, so is one’s sensation.

But without any proper preparation to extend the spiritual taste of Shabbat, it is to the contrary: He grows worse due to the corporeal pleasures. This is so because after corporeal meals one is only drawn to sleep, and nothing more, since after eating comes sleep. Thus, his eating brought him lower.

Sabbath is a special state; it is a kind of a next world, a special day which is a corporeal sign of the spiritual end of correction, which we will reach in the future, called “Sabbath.” It is a spiritual state and not a specific day on the calendar that is printed on paper or that appears on the computer.

We yearn for this special state called the Sabbath and this day comes when we arrive at the state that we want to arrive at. The corporeal states arrive regardless of our desire in the time that they are meant to, which is called the natural process of evolution, “in its time.” But the spiritual states come only according to our inner preparation. If we make the necessary inner preparations then we are incorporated in a state called a new “day.”

So a “day” has nothing to do with the calendar but rather depends on our preparation. If I complete the preparation, I am incorporated in that “day,” and if I don’t, then an endless number of corporeal days can go by, but the spiritual day doesn’t arrive and so a new state doesn’t begin.

The spiritual state totally depends on the preparation, but the preparation is by corporeal actions. It means that I have to do everything that is in my power, as it says “everything that is in your power, that do,” and “he who doesn’t work on the eve of the Sabbath, what will he eat on the Sabbath?” So everything is determined by our preparation.
From the Talk About the Preparations for the Congress 6/26/13

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