The World Is In Anticipation Of Shifts

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Vardan Baghdasaryan, Russian historian and political scientist): “Dollars and Euros collectively comprise 85.4 % of the world reserves. The dictate of the West is established de facto. The exit of a dead end is in changing the very paradigm.

“The challenge of the communist alternative was not to seek the ways of optimizing the system of monetary transactions, but to raise the question of rejection of the very idea of money.

“The parasitic chain “money – commodity – money” was, according to Marx, the programmed evolution of the “commodity – money – commodity” system. The introduction of money was a key historical moment of the genesis of the world parasitism. Accordingly, the return of the system “commodity-commodity” on a new level of development seems to be a practical solution.”

My Comment: In the book The Last Generation Baal HaSulam writes about the future society producing only what is necessary for a normal existence, since the earth’s resources are limited. What is required is calculated on the basis of equal distribution for everyone. Participation in the production of the necessities is also equally distributed among everyone.

The time remaining after the production of necessary goods and services is dedicated to studying and the realization of the method of integral connection between all the people. It is estimated that everyone’s participation in the production of essential goods and services will be reduced to a few hours of work per week.

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The Next World For Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the inner meaning of “and they shall build cities of storage”?

Answer: The desire to receive builds these cities and thus advances towards the goal that seems good and worthwhile to the ego. I have this world, but in it and in this life, I also intend to attain the next world. I expect to rise above this life and to see the two worlds, to get rid of all my problems and of the question of life and death.

Death is the worst problem for man. A person has everything today and the world is abundant. If we gave people who lived 100 years ago what an average modern man has today, we would not be able to describe the great joy they would experience.

Imagine that you had to do the washing in the river, eat only bread and onions, drink filthy water and live without facilities such as water and electricity, and also live only one-half or even one-third of the life expectancy we have today. Today we have everything, and see the despair and loss of interest in life that people everywhere feel. How can that be?

A person today doesn’t ask about life itself and how to manage in it. In the past, his major concern was providing food for himself and for his family, and he didn’t think about the fact that he might die someday.

But today he does think about it and asks, “What am I living for if eventually I will die?” In this case, life itself isn’t worth much and so there is a growing demand for antidepressants and drugs. This is a crucial question for a person since if we lived forever, we would have no worries at all.

Thus, people who wish to discover the secret of life are attracted to mysticism. The secret of life isn’t part of life itself—there is no secret in life. The secret is in the point of death, in which we disappear when the spirit of life leaves us. This is from where the question of “what is the meaning of my life?” stems. It asks, “What was my life for if it has now come to an end?”

A person wants to find an answer to this question, and if he cannot do so, he is ready to destroy the whole world. So when people come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, they are very happy, thinking that now they will understand what life and death are about and that they will see the next world while still alive. They rush to acquire new attainments and acquisitions.

This means that the ego, Pharaoh, swallows the yearning for the Creator called Yashar-El and uses it for himself. He allows a person to advance in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah: to study more and be active. Most important is that he reaches the goal, discovers the next world, and brings it to Pharaoh. This is what Pharaoh, or the ego, says. And don’t all of you study for this goal?

Sometimes we yearn more for spirituality and then Pharaoh pulls everything to himself. We then fall and rise again. The contractions and expansions alternate, like the lungs or the heart, like a pump or phases of alternating current. Every dynamic process and every movement has to have two polar states.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/08/14 Shamati #86

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A Fire Is Burning In Another City

Dr. Michael Laitman

Question: Why are physical problems added to us if we are trying to connect with each other?

Answer: Physical problems are added to us to help us connect more and more. So how else is it be possible to help you and which problems should be added? Spiritual problems? You don’t even pay attention to them. Do spiritual problems concern you?

If a disaster were to happen in some distant city, and you were to regret this as if this happened to you, then you wouldn’t need to have troubles brought to you. But you don’t regret the troubles of others and therefore, problems are brought closer to you.

If you were to regret what happens far from you, as if these were really your problems, then you wouldn’t need anything more. You would suffer and feel pain from what happens in another city as if this was happening to you, without any difference. To the degree of your spiritual advancement, you will feel the troubles of the whole world as if they were yours.

It means that you connect with them. Then you will be ready to ask for their sake, and it won’t be called that you are asking for yourself. There is something and its opposite here. On one hand, you feel others’ deficiencies as yours, and on the other, you can ask on their behalf.

It won’t be considered that you are egoistically asking for yourself because you acquired these deficiencies of others through your efforts. You connected with all of them and you felt their deficiencies as yours. Since you paid for these deficiencies with your effort, you are allowed to ask for their sake.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/06/14 Writings of Rabash 

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The Strongest Weapon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we realize that the youth are ready to perceive serious issues and that we can move on from role play to actual debates?

Answer: Essentially, every game has to be followed by discussion or the discussions themselves should be held in the form of a game.

It is impossible to do it any other way since we constantly play games. When I try to find my image, I see that I actually don’t have it. I am actually thrown from one extreme state to another. So where is the nicest image that I can take on and be dressed in? I have to find that in discussions.

A person doesn’t really exist by himself. We are a product of our society and are born shapeless and formatted under the influence of our parents, kindergarten, school, the media, etc. The environment has turned us into whatever it wanted to, like dough.

Now we want to clarify all that: what has it done with me, which attributes and desires I have, is there something that is actually mine in me? This is actually the state I have to reach, in which I will see that there is nothing in me that is mine.

Later, we have to show children that the best attribute is kindness and that it can open up everything for them. If we use it correctly, it is a very powerful weapon. It makes us strong and gives us a feeling of confidence, and is helpful to man and to society. But this is revealed gradually in the discussions.

Then comes the stage of the clarification of what this attribute means: kindness, good mutual relations, and a good connection.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/12/13

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A Messenger With A Package For The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which parts of our appeal to the Creator should we clarify in order to make it right and accurate?

Answer: It’s like speaking to me on waves which I don’t perceive, such as radio waves or TV waves, and every sort of radiation wave that I don’t perceive. I don’t even notice that you are saying something to me.

The appeal has to be strong enough, from a whole heart, and it also has to be in the right frequency that I can perceive. When I perceive the appeal in the right intensity, I also have to decode it. There are several filters in my mind which it has to go through until it reaches my heart and penetrates it.

So I have to know something about the issue of which you speak. The Creator has only one issue: to bestow upon the created beings, since He is good and benevolent. If you speak about bestowal and about doing good to the created beings, He is willing to hear you. This is how He is arranged!

The upper Partzuf , which in regards to us is called the Creator, is arranged that way. If you speak about an opportunity to bestow upon the created beings, He immediately hears you, and later He will hear you more and more, depending on the level you are on, an upper or a lower level. This is how He hears.

To hear means to take your prayer, the deficiency that you raise upwards and to raise it even higher. The Book of Zohar says that a special angel, a special force, does this. The Light from Above dresses in your deficiency and this whole package, the deficiency with the Light that fills it, is conveyed downwards to the created beings.

Question:  Do I have to clarify exactly to whom I appeal?

Answer: You also have to clarify to whom you appeal. First you should prepare yourself and express your gratitude, bless and praise Him, since otherwise you are not focused on the upper one. All these prayers are necessary only in order to arrange and to help you focus, and to prepare you for contact with the Creator. Therefore, you should sing to Him, and praise Him, and this will give you the right direction to Him. Otherwise you won’t know which way to go.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/07/14, Writings of Rabash

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Right Mistakes On The Way To Correction

Dr. Michael Laitman with studentsQuestion: How can we work in the group so that on the one hand we will remain creative and on the other, make decisions in a circle: listen carefully and hear everyone’s opinion and get everyone’s consent? These two processes usually don’t go along together.

Answer: Undoubtedly, we should aspire for a collective decision, but since we have to advance quickly, we cannot involve the whole group in decision making. That’s why there is the concept of the plant: We are divided into departments, into work groups and each group has its own job.

It’s impossible for the whole world to discuss and to be involved in every decision that is made. Therefore there are governments. When the nation of Israel was on a spiritual level, there was the Sanhedrin, a spiritual government that was made of sages, Kabbalists. Everything is always arranged in the form of a pyramid.

So there have to be groups that will engage in different projects. For example, I don’t know how dissemination, the editing of the books, or the movies are organized. It isn’t my job. I am asked about a direction, about the general strategy, and according to it those in charge work on a specific work plan.

We should learn from everything we have been through that all our decisions don’t operate in one direction or another. If a decision was accepted full heartedly, by trusting the friends, by being ready to devote ourselves so that they will do whatever they want, it’s a right decision. If we make any mistakes, we will correct them later. Then we will fall again and correct things again—our whole way is made up of mistakes.

It’s enough to see what the Torah tells us about the wandering in the desert: There were always problems that came up and which needed correction. This is also our way. So if we don’t succeed, we shouldn’t think that we have failed. If we discover that we are egoists and that we were wrong, it’s the right way and that’s the way it should be.

So regard all the problems in a balanced stable manner. Don’t panic as to what may happen to us if we don’t make the right decision. On the contrary, our advancement is a sequence of ascents and descents, in discovering evil and in correcting it. We have to accept the fact that we are headed towards our correction, and so we should relate to all the problems that arise in a balanced manner.

We shouldn’t worry too much about certain decisions that were made. No matter what you decide, whatever has to happen will happen. Be a little fatalistic, do whatever you can and accept whatever happens afterwards gladly.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/03/14, Questions and Answers with Dr. Laitman

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