The Strongest Weapon

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we realize that the youth are ready to perceive serious issues and that we can move on from role play to actual debates?

Answer: Essentially, every game has to be followed by discussion or the discussions themselves should be held in the form of a game.

It is impossible to do it any other way since we constantly play games. When I try to find my image, I see that I actually don’t have it. I am actually thrown from one extreme state to another. So where is the nicest image that I can take on and be dressed in? I have to find that in discussions.

A person doesn’t really exist by himself. We are a product of our society and are born shapeless and formatted under the influence of our parents, kindergarten, school, the media, etc. The environment has turned us into whatever it wanted to, like dough.

Now we want to clarify all that: what has it done with me, which attributes and desires I have, is there something that is actually mine in me? This is actually the state I have to reach, in which I will see that there is nothing in me that is mine.

Later, we have to show children that the best attribute is kindness and that it can open up everything for them. If we use it correctly, it is a very powerful weapon. It makes us strong and gives us a feeling of confidence, and is helpful to man and to society. But this is revealed gradually in the discussions.

Then comes the stage of the clarification of what this attribute means: kindness, good mutual relations, and a good connection.
From KabTV’s “Conversations with Michael Laitman” 12/12/13

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