A Fire Is Burning In Another City

Dr. Michael Laitman

Question: Why are physical problems added to us if we are trying to connect with each other?

Answer: Physical problems are added to us to help us connect more and more. So how else is it be possible to help you and which problems should be added? Spiritual problems? You don’t even pay attention to them. Do spiritual problems concern you?

If a disaster were to happen in some distant city, and you were to regret this as if this happened to you, then you wouldn’t need to have troubles brought to you. But you don’t regret the troubles of others and therefore, problems are brought closer to you.

If you were to regret what happens far from you, as if these were really your problems, then you wouldn’t need anything more. You would suffer and feel pain from what happens in another city as if this was happening to you, without any difference. To the degree of your spiritual advancement, you will feel the troubles of the whole world as if they were yours.

It means that you connect with them. Then you will be ready to ask for their sake, and it won’t be called that you are asking for yourself. There is something and its opposite here. On one hand, you feel others’ deficiencies as yours, and on the other, you can ask on their behalf.

It won’t be considered that you are egoistically asking for yourself because you acquired these deficiencies of others through your efforts. You connected with all of them and you felt their deficiencies as yours. Since you paid for these deficiencies with your effort, you are allowed to ask for their sake.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/06/14 Writings of Rabash 

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