The Next World For Pharaoh

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is the inner meaning of “and they shall build cities of storage”?

Answer: The desire to receive builds these cities and thus advances towards the goal that seems good and worthwhile to the ego. I have this world, but in it and in this life, I also intend to attain the next world. I expect to rise above this life and to see the two worlds, to get rid of all my problems and of the question of life and death.

Death is the worst problem for man. A person has everything today and the world is abundant. If we gave people who lived 100 years ago what an average modern man has today, we would not be able to describe the great joy they would experience.

Imagine that you had to do the washing in the river, eat only bread and onions, drink filthy water and live without facilities such as water and electricity, and also live only one-half or even one-third of the life expectancy we have today. Today we have everything, and see the despair and loss of interest in life that people everywhere feel. How can that be?

A person today doesn’t ask about life itself and how to manage in it. In the past, his major concern was providing food for himself and for his family, and he didn’t think about the fact that he might die someday.

But today he does think about it and asks, “What am I living for if eventually I will die?” In this case, life itself isn’t worth much and so there is a growing demand for antidepressants and drugs. This is a crucial question for a person since if we lived forever, we would have no worries at all.

Thus, people who wish to discover the secret of life are attracted to mysticism. The secret of life isn’t part of life itself—there is no secret in life. The secret is in the point of death, in which we disappear when the spirit of life leaves us. This is from where the question of “what is the meaning of my life?” stems. It asks, “What was my life for if it has now come to an end?”

A person wants to find an answer to this question, and if he cannot do so, he is ready to destroy the whole world. So when people come to study the wisdom of Kabbalah, they are very happy, thinking that now they will understand what life and death are about and that they will see the next world while still alive. They rush to acquire new attainments and acquisitions.

This means that the ego, Pharaoh, swallows the yearning for the Creator called Yashar-El and uses it for himself. He allows a person to advance in studying the wisdom of Kabbalah: to study more and be active. Most important is that he reaches the goal, discovers the next world, and brings it to Pharaoh. This is what Pharaoh, or the ego, says. And don’t all of you study for this goal?

Sometimes we yearn more for spirituality and then Pharaoh pulls everything to himself. We then fall and rise again. The contractions and expansions alternate, like the lungs or the heart, like a pump or phases of alternating current. Every dynamic process and every movement has to have two polar states.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/08/14 Shamati #86

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