The World Is In Anticipation Of Shifts

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Vardan Baghdasaryan, Russian historian and political scientist): “Dollars and Euros collectively comprise 85.4 % of the world reserves. The dictate of the West is established de facto. The exit of a dead end is in changing the very paradigm.

“The challenge of the communist alternative was not to seek the ways of optimizing the system of monetary transactions, but to raise the question of rejection of the very idea of money.

“The parasitic chain “money – commodity – money” was, according to Marx, the programmed evolution of the “commodity – money – commodity” system. The introduction of money was a key historical moment of the genesis of the world parasitism. Accordingly, the return of the system “commodity-commodity” on a new level of development seems to be a practical solution.”

My Comment: In the book The Last Generation Baal HaSulam writes about the future society producing only what is necessary for a normal existence, since the earth’s resources are limited. What is required is calculated on the basis of equal distribution for everyone. Participation in the production of the necessities is also equally distributed among everyone.

The time remaining after the production of necessary goods and services is dedicated to studying and the realization of the method of integral connection between all the people. It is estimated that everyone’s participation in the production of essential goods and services will be reduced to a few hours of work per week.

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