A Messenger With A Package For The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Which parts of our appeal to the Creator should we clarify in order to make it right and accurate?

Answer: It’s like speaking to me on waves which I don’t perceive, such as radio waves or TV waves, and every sort of radiation wave that I don’t perceive. I don’t even notice that you are saying something to me.

The appeal has to be strong enough, from a whole heart, and it also has to be in the right frequency that I can perceive. When I perceive the appeal in the right intensity, I also have to decode it. There are several filters in my mind which it has to go through until it reaches my heart and penetrates it.

So I have to know something about the issue of which you speak. The Creator has only one issue: to bestow upon the created beings, since He is good and benevolent. If you speak about bestowal and about doing good to the created beings, He is willing to hear you. This is how He is arranged!

The upper Partzuf , which in regards to us is called the Creator, is arranged that way. If you speak about an opportunity to bestow upon the created beings, He immediately hears you, and later He will hear you more and more, depending on the level you are on, an upper or a lower level. This is how He hears.

To hear means to take your prayer, the deficiency that you raise upwards and to raise it even higher. The Book of Zohar says that a special angel, a special force, does this. The Light from Above dresses in your deficiency and this whole package, the deficiency with the Light that fills it, is conveyed downwards to the created beings.

Question:  Do I have to clarify exactly to whom I appeal?

Answer: You also have to clarify to whom you appeal. First you should prepare yourself and express your gratitude, bless and praise Him, since otherwise you are not focused on the upper one. All these prayers are necessary only in order to arrange and to help you focus, and to prepare you for contact with the Creator. Therefore, you should sing to Him, and praise Him, and this will give you the right direction to Him. Otherwise you won’t know which way to go.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/07/14, Writings of Rabash

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