The Concept Of Survival Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Orazaly Sabden, PhD, professor and academician, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan, President of the Union of Kazakhstan Scientists)The planet is undergoing significant changes. All the living on earth have to survive and adapt to new conditions. The reason for change is the rapid development of civilization with its aggressive and regressive actions. The problems of globalization are increasing and can break everything that has been accumulated by humankind for centuries. Major social, political and economic problems in the world are aggravated. The world community cannot find a way out of the current situation. Now, humanity is in the first phase of a global ecological catastrophe. The vast resources of the biosphere will end by the end of this century.

The Earth is a planetary home of civilization, which consists of spirituality, scientific and technological revolution, the environment, space, security and economy. There is a need to develop a model of global governance and regulation of global processes.

Now we need not the divisions of countries, authorities, but vice versa – planetary cooperation of nations and ethnic groups. Appropriate institutions should be created to deal with this.”

My Comment: Exiting a dead end is possible only by recognizing the need to change not the external conditions but human nature. Although this seems impossible, one, there is no other solution, and two, if we use the method of integral unity, the problem of re-educating people can be easily solved.

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