Friendly Fascism

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Leonid Savin, Chief Editor of the magazine and portal Geopolitics): “Many political analysts talk about the threat of fascism in the world. This is a new totalitarian ideology, but with softer methods of influence on their own citizens of people of foreign countries.

“Modern society has come to a state when little depends on the will of ordinary voters; they have become cogs in the machine of technocratic suppression of their viewing and listening. This friendly fascism operates more subtly than the usual one.

“It justifies suppression by the need to protect human rights and civil liberties, while destroying traditional values of society (the legalization of gay marriage and distortions). There are seven categories in the new form of fascism.

  1. “The type of power structure. At the confluence of big capital and the state apparatus, there is a new ideology of the art of governing and duping people – of managing political processes in the form of the society of the spectacle, where attractive imposed images hide real meanings.
  2. The method of suppressing opposition is through covert subversion.
  3. The method of destruction of the unwanted is inciting ethnic conflicts, by seeking “external threats,” by organizing riots.
  4. The methods of persuasion are the media, information warfare, which purpose is to subordinate the consciousness of the elite and paralyze the masses.
  5. The methods of encouraging “good” behavior are measured awards in the form of ranks.
  6. The distractions are the media, comfort, sex, psychoactive substances, religious sects, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling, sports, scenes of extreme violence.
  7. The type of survivability of the system is inner vitality.

“The new fascism is fascism with a smile – pretty to look at and to hear. The project of “Eastern Partnership,” which became the cause of the current political crisis in Ukraine is also one of such tools, initiated by Washington, but promoted by the EU under the guise of common values and using the “soft power” of Brussels.

My Comment: In any case, the current type of manipulation of the population will result in failure for its managers. The dissemination of the method of integral education will help accelerate the realization of what is happening and the smooth transition to a new integral community.

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