The Crisis Brings Nazis To Power

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Antonis Samaras, Greek Prime Minister): “Almost three years after the eruption of Europe’s debt drama in Athens, the economic crisis engulfing the nation has become so severe that democracy itself is now imperiled, Antonis Samaras said.

“Resorting to highly unusual language for a man who weighs his words carefully, the 61-year-old politician evoked the rise of the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party to highlight the threat that Greece faces, explaining that society ‘is threatened by growing unemployment, as happened to Germany at the end of the Weimar Republic.’”

My Comment: The is the trend that Kabbalah talks about, and I have written about it many times that the EU, Europe, and the whole world faces either complete unification, realized through integral education and upbringing, or extreme Nazism, a world war, devastation, disasters, and recovery of the remains of civilization in the form of a single society of several million survivors, but those who are similar to unified Nature.

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  1. The moment I heard that Germany was the most prosperous country in Europe, my heart dropped. I could hear the German people talking of their prosperity without the Jews. I know there are still many, however, my feeling is we need to get them out. A Berlin convention is a good idea.

    Then there is France, many citizens were not unhappy to intern the Jews during the war. And England, burning synagogues filled with people. Naturally Poland is 86% Catholic, at present.

    The fact that Germany is offering the Lion’s Share of the bailout is a terrifying thought. Pushing for unification, Germany will surely lead the EU. People try to tell me how much Germany helped us after the war, but surely not as much as they hurt us. We cannot eat the bones that they throw.

  2. fear of the evil in others is not going to help anyone at this point: FEAR that you will not bring the LIGHT into the world and you are fearing the right thing. I promise you that if you do not do all you can to bring the light to the world by being willing to face your OWN evil instead of looking at others evil and 2, by working all your desire to bring it to INTENTION to bestow, all of it, you will not reach this place where bestowal comes automatically within you. It can happen and will happen if you do the right thing yourself. If you do not, then it doesn’t matter how much evil appears in the world; it is a reflection of ones own and since we are all connected, there is a lot of evil to reveal. Only those who have the light can do anything and even these (speaking from experience) suffer greatly because of the resistence to the light in them. The darkness hates the light so it will take a certain amount of light to overcome the darkness: MAY BB do what it is meant to do, purposed to do: I don’t see anyone else preaching this message of the NEED for the light in the world through the method of “restricting” ones own desire to receive bestowal like LAITMAN which is why I haven’t given up on BB: I have been watching since I was led to them and have prayed for them and believed because I NEED somebody to be one force with the light in me. I am sure these exist; it seems crazy to think I am the only one here that actually has a connection to the upper light but I haven’t met anyone who has experienced what I have so they may be close to the light during worship or gatherings but if you are connected to the LIGHT you are always connected, gatherings, worship or not: This is the ONLY HOPE for real change in the world.

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