The World Is In Darkness

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “The U.S. decision to proceed with the third round of quantitative easing threatens to renew currency war with dramatic consequences for the rest of the world. The currency market is panicking. The world financial market expects currency wars.

“The Eurozone is the weak link in the system. Social-political difficulties were added to the economic problems of the EU countries. The Greeks gave 70% of the profit, now, the rest of Europe will give; the budgets of the EU countries will suffer a similar loss.

“The U.S. economy is very sick; the private sector is sick and needs help. FRS cuts interest rates to increase the liquidity of the market, but the private sector cannot respond because it experiences problems with balance of payments.

“Money will not help Europe. The world expects a wave of unprecedented crisis. Germany will have to raise the question of a radical reform of the eurozone, which will cease to exist in its current form. Crisis trends are growing; an unprecedented crisis will break out in the foreseeable future. Moreover, the current measures merely postpone the time of its occurrence.

“The year of 2013: Goodbye Europe; 2013 will be the year of storm for the whole world, when the economic and geopolitical crises will converge at one point. After two months of calm, the crisis has returned to the global economy and it is manifested in the failure of QE3.”

My Comment: There is one solution. I have repeatedly talked about it: unity and integral education for the masses. The problem is in the egoistic connection within humanity, which is opposite of altruistic nature. The two opposite systems cause crisis when they are approaching each other. With the growth of our egoism, its increasing globality and connections, the crisis will choke us more. It could bring us to a third world war and perhaps even a fourth one until we realize the need to change our relationships from hate to good connection, up to “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Isn’t it easier to start with self-education?

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  1. How can this country come together when the conservatives want nothing to do with joining in and helping other countries. Actually, they think that EU is the anti-christ. I am a liberal and I have just started my spiritual journey, but I don’t see this country coming together any time soon for any reason. My question – how can one person solve all of these problems by facing phases of their lives. Maybe I am way off, and I am sure that I am, but I am at the point of giving up – I just do not understand your thoughts and I am sorry that I do not.

  2. You can throw all the money in the world at this problem and it won’t change a thing. Which, in actual fact, the people in control of the money caused. Why should the average man in the street be culpable of this mess the whole world is in right now. The only people that should be in control of a nations money is that particular nations Government and not the Bankers. The whole thing is rigged! as Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. but of course our leaders are put there by the puppet masters, they are bought and paid for by the banks and the big corporations so to vote for any of these people is pointless. To be gobally minded in this corporeal world is wrong in my mind. Local communities need to be more self sufficient. We will all have to make huge sacrifices to our lifestyles, it won’t be easy but at least our lives will be authentic and better for our planet and our wellbeing.

  3. What does rav mean by “Integral Education”????

  4. Dear Rabbi Laitman, even if the world is dark, Israelites will see the light. A Rabbi said once upon a time that Moschiach can save all of us in only one minute. Shall the world go down on the 21th december or next year, what does it matter for us. We cannot redeem this world. Moschiach can only save the Israelites. Do you know Rabbi, what i would do with my neighbors if i would not have a mission to fulfill ? I would kill them like David Melekh did with his enemies. What brings it for a jew to love his neighbor, when the neighbor is not an Israelites ? Nothing. We can only make sure , that this law of brotherhood will be reestablished for us Israelites. Anything else is not possible. I have met many moslems in my life, and many christs as well, none of them, not even one, feels love or respect for King David, it is even hard to find children of King Saul and members of the Benjamintribe, who respect David. Anybody, who is not willing to serve King David, anybody who is not able to serve the G-d elected sheperd , has lost his right to live and to participate in our future. From the deep of my heart i trust that all words of the prophets will be fullfilled. All around me it is dark, but i have no doubts Rabbi, that Moschiach is arrived on earth. Our people will be save and he will guide us to our for-fathers in Zadikkiparadise. All others shall burn in hell, all of them who have a good life but forgotten that everything they have and own comes out of the Torah and the 22 letters of light, some wise men pray and open some doors for the scientists, but then physicians and biologists etc are so intelligent that they think they do not have to thank the wise men, and at least they say, we would be descendent’s from the monkeys.

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