The Left Line Comes From Above And Raises Us Upwards

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash’s article “What is thou shall not add and shall not derogate in the work”: A person who wants to follow the path of the truth has to allow a certain amount of time for the right path, and then he needs to follow the left line. About this we are commanded that it is forbidden to add to one of the paths more than to the other, and vice versa, if one says that today I want to follow the left line. The right path is called the phase of wholeness, when a person can be very grateful to the Creator. Then he needs to switch to the left line, to the left path, which is the time to see his real state, as it seems to him within reason. Then there is room for a prayer, since a prayer belongs to a place of a deficiency. And the greater the deficiency, the deeper from the heart is the prayer. As it says: “From the depths I called for you God.” So the two lines have to be balanced, “until the third one comes and decides between them.” Then after working in two lines, a person is rewarded with adhesion to the Creator.

The third line, the middle line, is built by the first two lines. In the first line, the right line, I thank the Creator and increase his greatness as much as I can, as much as I was impressed by the environment, the friends and the study and can imagine the Creator as great, as omnipotent, as good and benevolent, and merciful. The right line is infinite wholeness.

Then in the left line I see my true state, which means to what extent I don’t feel all that: I don’t feel that the Creator is great and that He bestows and is good and whole.

Then comes the third line from my desire to have the chance to really see the Creator as great and whole within my reason and to truly thank Him and not only in faith above reason. Then comes the third line and decides between the first two lines and thus advances a person along the middle line.

In response to such a desire the Creator gives us the power to advance and then a person attains Him. But he attains Him in faith above reason, in gratitude. Then he can already continue onwards, by constantly advancing along three lines, right, left, and middle.

In the middle line he asks that his left line be like the right line. He feels the Creator’s greatness and his own lowliness and his feeling of deficiency is born from these two lines, the left and the right—a prayer that is answered by a filling by the revelation of the Creator’s greatness.

His right and left lines are connected by that and the third line is born, the middle line. Thus a person takes a step forward, to the extent that he can raise the Creator’s greatness even higher, and then switch to the left line and see what it looks like within his reason. Then a prayer is born in him and he demands help from Above: the third line.

The first two lines depend on a person, and the third line comes from Above.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/17/12

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