The Unity Government Of The World Family

Question: If the fuel gauge needle in a car goes below the red line, the car has run out of gas and the car stops. Has humanity similarly crossed the red line of the balance with nature, which has caused the spread of the Ebola virus?

Answer: The Kabbalists already said a hundred years ago that we are in a situation like this, that we must begin to think about the general balance of the Earth, and first and foremost, that of human society.

The lack of balance began at the end of the 19th century. This is even though we still didn’t think then that the world was becoming so global and mutually connected. We were never engaged in the world as a single system in which everyone is mutually connected. It will not help me if I would be stronger and richer than the rest. Everything should be calculated based on the entire great human family.

Kabbalists write that the whole world has become one family. And this means that I must be concerned for everyone, like in a family. Already at the beginning of the 20th century it was necessary to be concerned about this, that on the Earth there would be one government, one health department, and all of the other governmental agencies.

All of these governmental agencies and the world government must exist in order to take care of the whole world as a single family, and to teach all of us egoists how to live within it.

Just as parents educate their children and don’t let brothers fight with each other; the whole of humanity, too, in a natural way, quarrels with itself, but the government, like a concerned parent, represses these conflicts and balances the situation as much as possible: sometimes with a shout, sometimes with a light spanking, and sometimes with a candy.

The main thing is to teach people to gradually advance them towards conscious balance. We have a need for this kind of only for this purpose, not for anything else.

The necessity for this kind of government was awakened at least a hundred years ago, but we are late in creating it. We don’t understand what is required of us. We exist in a single system that links all of the governments and all of the nations with their borders and protectionism. This is because no nation wants to let go of its interests and each one holds onto its chair.

So whose fault is it that our world doesn’t live as one family? It is the governments! First of all, they are interested in mutual separation and political games so that there will be enough power, money, and control in their possession. For this they maintain the international conflicts in which each one shows its ego and demonstrates its importance.

All of the peoples suffer while the governments celebrate. We must create a united nations, but not as it exists today, composed of egoistic governments that conduct political games and empty talk.

There must be one government in the world that will teach everyone how to unite according to the laws of “one family,” how to balance themselves and attain mutual cooperation and equality all around the Earth. Then there won’t be any Ebola or any other problems.

But as long as we are not doing this, we will suffer just as the prophets described would happen in the end of days; we will endure not only epidemics, but also other blows from the unbalanced system that we ourselves have brought into imbalance.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19/14

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