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laitman_938_03Question: When in a large group, a group of ten helps the friends care for one another and support each other in their studies and dissemination, but on the other hand, it somewhat replaces one’s attitude towards the group and creates a certain egoistic formation within the group. There is even competition between the tens. How can we solve this dualism in a large group?

Answer: This is a very good state but we have not yet fully experienced it, so it is hard to answer this question. Maybe we need to organize ourselves in a whole new way and create a different kind of connection between us.

It is easier to interact in a small group. But what can we do in a large group where, presumably, one hundred people divide into ten groups? There needs to be a connection between them as well.

When it comes to a common system, being in one common net, “One’s as good as none.” Only the ten is a Minyan.

Minyan translates as “count” from Hebrew (from the word Mune). In other words, the count begins with a ten.

In the spiritual system, a ten is a unit, one knot that contains ten people. But they are not a knot but a Minyan until they unite as one man with one heart. Minyan is a single unit, ten together as one.

Tens must connect with one another as a hierarchy: initially, ten people connect as one and on the next level ten groups connect as a single group, etc.

This has never before existed in the world. And so we must advance little by little as we learn by experience. And we will be given an example from above.

And so the question remains. I want everyone to feel that this is an open question and that we do not know what to do, because this makes it a sort of a request for a solution.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Writing of Rabash

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