How Do We Unite In A Mixed Ten?

laitman_940Question: In small groups, tens often include beginners and veterans. They speak different languages, have different levels of understanding. How can they unite in such a diverse ten? What should be used as a foundation?

Answer: I do not see any problem. Look to the root, since inside a group, a newcomer and a veteran are absolutely the same.

It is like in the example with Rabbi Yossi Ben Kisma who saw in his students an ideal group even though they were clueless beginners, understanding nothing. The difference between them was as between heaven and earth. But he saw their inner essence, how much they are connected with each other in the spiritual world.

If we would look at our friends like this, then there is no difference if one came to the group a few months ago, and another was in it for five years. We need to distance ourselves a little from external characteristics.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/14, Writings of Rabash

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