I Brought You Part Of The Miracle

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if I cannot persuade people and cannot give them an example when I go out to disseminate? There are many examples in our world of the harm that the connection between people has brought them instead of any good.

Answer: If we approach people from the center of the group, we bring them the Light that Reforms. You should understand that you are performing a spiritual act by that, you are bringing a person part of the miracle that can happen in his life. You bring him the initial connection and contact with the Light, and he will complete the rest.

This action should be more spiritual. I don’t try to persuade a person like a rag merchant or other goods. I bring him the end of the pipe of the spiritual channel, and when I speak to him I think about how I can bestow upon him and how I can make this pipe a more reliable, better, more focused, and more efficient conductor of the Light.

This is my goal and my aim and I am not responsible for anything else. After all, who am I? How can I convince a person? Where would I find such skills? Only one out of a thousand salespeople knows how to persuade others, and it isn’t persuasion either but a lie. This means that he knows how to confuse people. This is how it works in our world.

But we don’t even have these skills. We have no merchandise that we can sell, and there is nothing we can give a person except the end of the pipe from which the Light will pour. This is the Surrounding Light, which we don’t see or feel but which will operate in a person.

Each of us should feel that he is performing a spiritual action. I can only be a pipe if I am connected to the center of the group from which I take its spirit and go out to disseminate. When I come in contact with someone, I focus on the spiritual action and use my mind just a bit, and most importantly with the inner feeling. A person will sense this.

This is the actual outcome you need to discover as a result of your work. People don’t need your logical philosophizing; they need a sensation. If the Light operates in the feelings, a person will be with you.

The main war in dissemination is done that way. In order to be a loyal pipe for the Light, the main thing is not to forget that I am performing a spiritual action, pouring an infusing into a person so that he will understand the reason for all evil and what the remedy for all the problems is, and that it remains in him and will keep on working.

Try to touch his heart with your heart. If you speak to him when your heart is in it, then your heart will pour into his heart. And then you will see that people will follow you.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/13/14, Writings of Rabash

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