All The World Is A Stage

laitman_565_02Question: Why do people like to recollect past events, even if they were tragic?

Answer: If an event recedes into the past, it is no longer perceived as a physical action, it leaves behind only the emotional experience. Moreover, a person now has an opportunity to understand the past and feel it deeply.

People love to read stories or listen to songs that remind them of past trials, to share memories about what they went through in Stalin’s or concentration camps that they miraculously managed to survive.

They reminisce about their unrequited love, about separation from loved ones, namely, about various dramas of their lives. But later, it is all mitigated, since this is how our life works. The whole life is a theater. This is the realization that we come to at the end of our life, we acquiesce, we see that it is indeed so, and therefore we view life’s entire traveled path as a theatrical performance.

We are ready to stop worrying about the past, having understood that it had to happen exactly so. The play is over, the curtain falls, and this life comes to an end.

Theater, therefore, has much to teach us. If it is a truly good production, we are ready to pay high prices for tickets, and we get ready for the outing to the theater as for a special event.

Throughout the two hours of the play, a whole period of life unfolds in front of us along with its ensuing moral. We see life’s situations that we can learn from and draw personal conclusions, imagining ourselves in the place of the characters. The theater has a very high educational potential, the only question is: How it can be used correctly?
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 5/22/14

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  1. Very Nice! I have to believe that anyone who actually is attracted to and studies this wisdom must ask themselves continuously the last question. So….how do we interpret what we sense around us, the bad and the good? It is very difficult in the end to release and “melt” into the theater around us and feel the outer as part of ourselves. It is however, fascinating to pay attention and try. In the end, even if occasionally unpleasant, it is invaluable. Thank you.

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