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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can we assess the balance of power in our world according to the balance of spiritual forces in the story of Purim? How are integral education and the science of Kabbalah reflected in this story?

Answer: Let’s have a look at the characters of Purim: The king, Mordecai, Haman, and Esther who ties them. All the threads are woven in her.

This is how a person’s inclinations are presented: the three lines and the Creator above, that is, knowledge and the aspiration for Keter above reason in the middle line. But in reality, all this is manifested due to the work on unification. That is why the events of Purim take place during the Babylonian exile.

Purim is the most important symbol.

The group of Abraham came from Babylon, realized a series of corrections, and then fell from its degree and descended to Babylon again to reveal the ultimate method of correction there.

With this method, the group builds a spiritual vessel again; however, it cannot stay in it because this vessel is much weaker than the previous one. It has a lot more limitations than the previous one because now the whole world needs to be corrected.

Then again, mixing takes place, but already on the basis of this vessel corrected in Babylon and adapted to the world.

And then the sons of Israel go out into the world to be together with it, and in our days they come to the same Babylon, to the same situation with Haman, Mordecai, and Ahasuerus.

Today, everything is ready, but we want to advance along a good path, above reason, and that is why we have to explain to everyone that salvation is in unity.

At the time, Haman wanted to use the state of the “sleep” of the sons of Israel: They did not maintain the correct connection between them and it provided an opportunity to destroy them, that is, to destroy spiritual aspiration and to make them work egoistically.

On the other hand, integral education tells us, no, we must begin to unite because in it lies the salvation of the world, both material and spiritual. We have no other option.

In the current conditions, we seemingly stand against the entire world, calling for reasonable consumption according to basic needs, for equality, for fair distribution, etc. We explain that the inflated banking sector and excessive production have no place in the world. Gradually understanding how we have to live in new conditions, humanity will get rid of all those invented activities, leaving only what is really necessary for normal existence.

This does not mean that we move back or reverse history. Of course, we can continue to develop various technologies but in a way so they are not frills, but real necessities for life.

For example, if production is automated, people will not have to work for even an hour a day. Well, let them be engaged in the main activity of their life—spiritual development. Let them do internal work on themselves.

We do not understand yet that the cutting-edge technologies create a new “virtual” world in which the desire to receive will exist quietly on the “animal” level because, after having risen to the human degree, you will cease to feel the “flavor” of previous desires. Similarly, we do not feel how our hair and nails grow, and how we trim them.

The feeling of this world will start to “fade,” and all our actions, all the connections, all the existence will be felt only in the relations between people. Only these relations will be based, not on the principle of “give and take,” not only in the physical interaction and not through exchange of goods, this level will recede to the background and disappear from perception, instead of it, we will increasingly feel the inner essence of what is happening, our true, deep relationships.

So, in our perception, we will move on to the next level, which does not exist in our world because it consists of the still, vegetative, and animate levels, and the human degree does not belong to it. If you attain it, all the other degrees are included in it and disappear as such. Then, our perception is suddenly transported in the world of forces, not the world of matter. It turns out that “matter” is the desire to receive, and not material images, like shadows, projected on the mirror of our consciousness.

Modern technologies provide good support to this perception. In the coming years we will see how people lose their usual activities and as if are left with nothing. Then, why are we needed at all?

We are needed, but not in the form of bodies. After all, the “I” is something eternal, immutable, and we rise to this degree by means of integral education, which allows us to move forward smoothly and comfortably and not under the barrage of blows that leave no other choice.

We cannot despair on this path. After all, our small spiritual effort many times exceeds all the material efforts. If we think a little bit more, “push” a little more in spiritual development, no bombs and missiles will be able to resist this, millions of haters will be powerless before this.

We have to be aware of the difference of potentials between the spiritual force and the material force. As Baal HaSulam writes that all the representatives of the “animate” level are equal one representative of the human degree. In essence, there is nothing to compare because the power between the degrees differs so much. We only need to go deeper inside, and you will see how we come to Purim…
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/25/13, Writings of Rabash

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