German President Asks Britain To Stay In The EU

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Financial Times): “Germany’s president appealed on Friday to the people of the United Kingdom to remain members of the EU, in a speech intended to counter euroscepticism across the continent.

“’Dear people of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, dear new British citizens!’ declared Joachim Gauck. ‘We would like you to stay with us!’

“His appeal to British pride and patriotism – ‘During the second world war, your efforts helped to save our Europe, and it is also your Europe,’ he said – underlined a deep concern in Berlin that a referendum in the UK, promised by David Cameron, the prime minister, could see a British vote to leave the EU.

“We will only be able to master future challenges if we work together. More Europe cannot mean a Europe without you!” …

“He dismissed accusations that Germany was seeking to intimidate its EU partners, or force its ideas on them, in laying down the rules to recover from the eurozone crisis. …

“’This is not just a struggle for our currency,’ he said. Europe was facing more than an economic crisis. ‘It is also a crisis of confidence in Europe as a political project.’…

“’We stand together . . . for peace and freedom, for democracy and the rule of law, for equality, human rights and solidarity.’”

My Comment: Isn’t it too late to appeal for solidarity, and not even complete solidarity at that, just financial? The root of the problem is a gradual shift in the program controlling humanity. The program is gradually changing from egoistic to altruistic and requires humanity to become similar to it and to participate in it actively. Inconsistency with the program is manifested as a multi-faceted crisis.

Humanity has a method of retraining itself to become similar to a new program. The method is called integral education. As long as humanity is stubborn, the program is being introduced more and more in our world, in all its forms, and that is why the crisis is felt stronger from day to day. Let’s wait when the words about equality, rights, and so on will become significant and desirable, instead of empty.

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