The First Candle Is Lit In The Chain Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday, we are under attack by a physical force; it is fierce and dangerous, posing a serious threat, and is fanatically committed to its goal. It demands from us the same kind of dedication to our goal, that is, our unity.

If we unite today (I hope it will happen), we will immediately feel that there is a spiritual power that supports us. On behalf of the upper governance, this force will abandon our adversaries, since It manifested Itself as an opposing force to the Creator.

Today, we are in a situation identical to the time of Maccabees. A shadow of a new Palestinian state is floating on the horizon; many European countries have already spoken in support of it. At the same time, there is no unity in the nation of Israel. Everybody defends their personal opinions, specifically right before the elections. We lack the upper force that supports us. However, It will descend to us only on the condition that we become united.

Consequently, the only solution that works for us is to return to our genuine principles: “Be as one man with one heart,” “All who belong to Israel are friends,” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” These principles are the conditions that bind our nation. If Israelis had this kind of attitude and treated each other this way, we would rehabilitate all physical forces as well as all sorts of negative spiritual impacts on us.

Everything depends on our internal organization and on how we implement the method of connection through integral education, learning how to unite, how to communicate, how to organize so as to act like a common single body. The moment we reach a more intimate connection, mutually reciprocal, we will immediately feel that the upper force supports us. All of a sudden, the darkness and black clouds that are pressing on us disappear, and we see the Light.

Hanukkah is a celebration of Light; there is a tradition of lighting candles by using one lit candle in the center that is called the shamash. Our task is to become the central candle for the whole world. The Israeli nation is a shamash that kindles all the other candles around the world.

It is said that Israel has to serve as the Light for the nations of the world and show them the Light that comes from those who have managed to annul their egoism and connect with each other. When they achieve this state, they gain a sensation of the Light, of the upper force, that can be transferred from one nation to another, from country to country. Everybody becomes ignited as candles!

Hanukkah is a special holiday relating solely to spirituality. It is not restricted by any religious limitations or prohibitions, since it is above all possible limitations. It is not subject to any religious or even national characteristics, as it symbolizes that all must come together and rise above their matter, to be similar to the Light, to a burning candle.

This is exactly what we need today. By achieving it, we would certainly change ourselves completely and the condition of the world in general. Actually, this is what the entire world anticipates from us.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write” 12/4/12

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