The Contemporary Maccabean War With Global Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanNow, after 2000 years of exile we return to the Tower of Babel, which in the meantime has grown even more. We have returned to the great grief of the ego, to the huge tower of human egoism that we have erected and find ourselves at a dead end not knowing what we should do with our lives.

Everything that we have built on the foundation of egoism doesn’t bring us any solutions: We are left with nothing; all we built in the world is crumbling and is overwhelmed by crisis.

Today, we should refer to the same solution that was found in ancient times, in the days of Abraham—unity. However, not only on group, which was then named “the people of Israel,” is supposed to unite, but rather the whole world has to finally connect and forever.

As an example, let’s use the Maccabean Revolt to which the holiday of Chanukah is dedicated. This story happened at the time of the Second Temple and its downfall. As always, the egoistic force, which at that time was called the “Greek power,” endangered the group, which was called “Israel”; the Greek power tried to separate Israel.

And in this category of “Greek authorities” were included many who were previously in the group of Israel. In other words, people who used to live in a spiritual level, fell en mass from the spiritual level to our material plane when they began to act according to their egoism instead of rising above it and connecting with others.

So the affects of global egoism, which appeared in the form of “Greeks” led to the destruction of the Temple.

History tells us that an uprising of Maccabees took place at that time; they began to fight this power. It was more of a spiritual war than a material combat. Their only goal was to bring their people to unity. By achieving unity, they attained victory: they managed to correct Jews who were following the Greeks and their customs, and the Greek invaders were forced to retreat.

In this way they were able to rebuild the Temple (Beit HaMikdash), then there is the building (Beit) of mutual love and bestowal, and so they achieved correction.

We need to learn from this history how to reach correction when we were in such a deep crisis. Today, the resolution is still the same. It differs from the previous situation only by the fact that at that time they had a group of Maccabees who were known to the entire nation as a distinct family, a dynasty of priests.

Today, there is nothing like that. We are in a total confusion and have no idea how to live further. It seems that we have a state of Israel on the land of Israel and have built the Israeli nation, but none of them correspond to the internal definition given by Abraham.

However, this situation can be corrected in an instant. Indeed, at the moment we join together in mutual guarantee, we will elicit the upper force according to the law of equivalence of form that will combine us into one whole. This is how we regain bliss and joy and feel powerful.

We become happy because we reveal the upper force that again reigns between them, and opens the spiritual world. After we connect even a little bit, just to modify our predisposition and direction, we immediately will feel that the upper force empowers us from the inside.

We don’t even have to fight any longer; the Creator will struggle for us, since it is the only force that previously was elevating our egoism and creating hardships, particularly to make us rise above them. If we try to elevate above them and make the slightest effort to achieve it, the upper force will complete the work for us. That’s why the Greeks simply left. This is what is called a “spiritual war.”
From KabTV’s “Kabbalists Write” 12/4/12

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  1. VERY INSPIRING:”If we try to elevate above them and make the slightest effort to achieve it,the upper force will complete the work for us.AMEN!

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