Nature Is Unity

Laitman_707We live in a “bubble” of nature, the still, vegetative, and animate. Through this we provide for our existence. And this environment “transmits” or arranges for us precisely those conditions that are required for our advancement.

In this way we are given an abundance of constant changes. Indeed, in general, it is necessary to understand that beginning from the Big Bang this process has continued to this very day, and for its entire length, the general power of development has moved us forward toward its goal, toward complete balance.

During the course of this process, the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate developed on the face of the earth, and after that the human species. And at a particular moment in history, whether it wanted this or not, the human species had to take the “reins,” meaning the management tools into its hands to be properly included in development.

From this moment on we have been involved with the process not as we were before. Until becoming aware of the situation, we developed instinctively in a way similar to the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, among whom there are also plenty of troubles, problems, and the pressure of circumstances, including disasters.

But the more we have developed, the more we have become linked to the process; we participate in it consciously and with understanding, and this is how we have more problems. For now they are contingent upon this: Do we accept the message ourselves, are we developing together with nature? If so, it will be good for us, and if not, it will be bad for us, depending on our level of development.

Adam was the first to discover the general process of evolution through which we must go, not only on the “beastly” material level, but also on the human level. Beginning from Adam, who lived 5775 years ago, we have moved on to a new phase. We are “embedded” within nature; according to the degree of participation with it, we are ready to arouse and invite upon ourselves, as well as the overall levels of the still, vegetative, and animate, a good, pleasant, rapid, and easy development.

Natural development is generally characterized by very strict stages. They are similar to a difficult birth, they are connected to stress, problems, and dangers, and are accompanied by dramatic natural phenomena. For millions of years the Earth has cooled, hardened, and again warmed, torn by the pressure of magma.

Geological eras were replaced, the nature of the earth was changed, individual species died and others appeared, the warming and cooling alternated, and finally we reached the present situation, which is not final either. We also continue developing; moreover, it is more rapid than in previous eras.

In general, all of this has been contingent on the general force of nature, which the wisdom of Kabbalah explores in depth. The concepts of “divinity” and “nature” are identical, for this speaks about a power that has a precise general plan within which we must be integrated, gradually understanding and attaining it. We must be included within it consciously and with knowledge by discovering a more and more mature participation. This integration is also recorded in it.

Returning to Adam, he was the first to discover this program and understand that nature seeks balance. This means that we balance ourselves with the nature of the still, vegetative, and animate, and likewise build balance between us on the human level such that ultimately every person on the face of the Earth will feel that there is no rift or detachment between us and between everything that is found outside of us; this is called the development of consciousness. I reach an awareness, an understanding, a feeling, that all of nature is a unified system. And with this unified system I am in harmony, in reciprocity, in homeostasis, in a mutual exchange of materials, thoughts, and desires.

In this manner I must ultimately nullify all detachment and gaps between what I feel now as self and what feels external. My skin doesn’t separate me from the world and the environment anymore. I reach awareness and an understanding that everything belongs to a single unified system; it is all the essence of the self.

The human level is like this. Our bodies belong to the animate world, whereas our essence belongs to the human level, which is higher. Its uniqueness is that in it we see we perceive the world as a single whole.

In this single and unique world we discover the unique power of nature that manages everything, and we identify and merge with it. Anyone who has tried to attain nature as balance of a single whole has discovered and attained this process precisely to its final state where we join and merge with the surrounding force of nature.

The last “station” on the way of our development is like this. We don’t know what will happen after this. Indeed there is also some further stage…
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/21/14

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