The Root Of Ebola: My Health Is Not In My Hands

laitman_547_04We ourselves produce phenomena such as Ebola; we ourselves cause such outbreaks, spikes of imbalances. Much was told about this in the framework of ancient healing practices, including Eastern ones.

Modern medicine has evolved over the past few centuries and before that a real doctor was not limited to giving remedies.

Many ancient sages and healers pointed out at the importance of a person’s mental equilibrium, which has an effect on his bodily balance, on his health.

However, then times were different, we weren’t yet so interconnected with each other and so every person individually could determine the state of his health, taking care of the balance of his internal system with nature, with the environment. Accordingly, a doctor could treat him with tinctures and other natural substances, which had a real impact.

Today, they are powerless because we have been poisoned by the environment and are on a completely different level of development of egoism. But in the past, natural remedies, consisting of the elements of the still, vegetative, and animate nature, did their work, along with the measures to maintain or restore the patient’s balance with the environment on the human level.

Nowadays, this factor barely depends on the person himself. The close ties of the “global village,” the universal interconnection, do not allow him to balance and heal himself really just by natural means. In a global world, balance depends not on one person, but on society.

Therefore, I would recommend international organizations such as the UN, UNESCO, WHO and others to take care of this problem. But they should take care properly, understanding that from time immemorial to the present day, in the end everything depends only on the balance between people, which from this degree “spreads” downwards, to the lower levels of nature and our being.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 10/19/14

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