The Source Of All The Problems Of The Universe

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can motivate a doctor to change? It is clear for a patient that he wants to become healthy, but for a doctor? How can a doctor and a patient be encouraged to become closer to each other?

Answer: I was born and grew up in a family of doctors. My mother is a gynecologist, my father was a dentist, and my aunt and uncle were also doctors. If suddenly someone fell ill, at once there were a phonendoscope, medications; everyone knew what to do, you got treatment, and everything was fine, no problems. In this regard, the entire Department of Health was at my home.

The same feeling of one family should be between doctors and patients; otherwise, there is no trust towards a doctor. But today, a doctor cannot afford this. No matter how many gifts you give him, he is still swamped by patients.

So, it must be a completely different system, with the emphasis not on medications but on the attention to a person, as in ancient Chinese medicine.

That is, the health care system should include the entire life of a person. This is a technology of life: How you are born, what you breathe, what you eat, the impact of your environment, how your body reacts to all this (like a biological system to the surrounding system), and how you live your life—getting married, giving birth, getting old, and dying.

But all this should be viewed as a system that is in equilibrium with nature. And for this, a person has to be organically, integrally connected to nature, to abide by its laws, understanding what it required of him, and how he has to attune himself to a mutual interconnection.

Just as harmony and balance within us means the health of the body, the balance in nature means the health of the environment, so there should be homeostasis between us and the surrounding environment. We disrupt the balance of nature, upset the balance within ourselves, but most importantly, this disturbs the balance between us and the environment. Here, we do not correspond to it at all.

It is known that the surrounding nature acts according to the law of self-stabilization: You give as much as you receive. Thus, homeostasis is sustained and balance is preserved. But we are in absolute disparity with nature because we savagely consume all of it and give nothing in return, just pollute it.

It all depends on a person’s education, on his environmental education in the first place. But we call this integral education because, in order to change human attitude toward nature and society, it is necessary to change a human being himself.

We live in a society that constantly affects us in a negative way, and we do the same, being driven by our egoism: To consume, to suppress the other, to earn as much as possible—or better yet steal—without giving anything in return. Thus we have to correct both a human being and the entire society.

As a result, we come to a single conclusion: Man needs to be changed. The only source of all the problems in the universe is the human being. Unfortunately, no attention is paid to this issue.

So now we can see how, on the one hand, the crisis puts pressure on us—and it will cleanse everything, but by its firm hand. Nature knows no doubts, it puts pressure so that some species become extinct, and this is what could happen with humanity—everything is heading toward this. We will have to face the “Ice Age” and other environmental and social problems. We see that our imbalance with nature leads us to nothing good.

On the other hand, we have the method in hand that shows how we can nevertheless change the human being and make him an integral part of nature. Then we will be able to see the entire nature: still, vegetative, animal, and speaking like a single organism. By the way, this is also the view of Chinese medicine that treats a human being not as a separate part, but as being integrated into the general system of nature.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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