Under The Blazing Sun

Laitman_512_02Rabash, writes in the Torah, there are three modes. On the one hand, the Torah is called a resource that helps specifically as a resource for the strength of the person, and after that comes the Light that Reforms that corrects a person, and the Light that fills his corrected Kelim. That is how he completes the level.

However, until the completion of correction, this struggle continues. Written in the words of the prophets is the terrible war of Gog and Magog that happens in the last stage of correction, and this doesn’t just affect the physical world, but the same thing happens in spiritual work. Physical wars become a projection of spiritual processes and observations.

To the degree that one advances, the closer one comes to the Creator; a person is thrown into a burning fire of states as if he is approaching the sun. So, he is thrown much more strongly from ascents to descents. In this way, he exhausts his strength.

He must understand that all of this is done to help him leave the depths of his ego, from sinking deeper and deeper and more strongly into it, in order to move on to “for the sake of bestowal,” to the sacred, to spirituality, to greater and greater bestowal and love.

The gap between these two poles, between the descents and the ascents, grows more and more. Until a person hasn’t completely drowned in the sea of his evil forces, he cannot scream and ask for his correction.

So, the Torah exhausts a person’s power. If he is not illuminated by Light, but is under the control of egoistic forces, Klipot, his desire to receive, then he cannot do anything. Our mind only serves our feelings and is not prepared to help us.

So, a person must prepare himself for states like these from the start to the degree possible, as far as he is capable. However, in any case, he will fall and get up again, fall and get up.

The group must supply him with the right environment so that through it, he immediately will begin to ascend in that he draws energy like from batteries. Throughout the entire time of ascent, he charges the battery so that when needed he can use it.

That is how it is necessary to relate to an environment. For this purpose, the Shevirat HaKelim (shattering of the vessels) was made for we apparently cannot get along without an external battery like this. We invest our energy in it, accumulate our investment, the effort, and after that, it is possible to use it. It is impossible to advance without a battery of energy like this.

This is the guarantee of our mutual love “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Guarantee is not something that someone else needs. Rather, we need it ourselves. This is because we cannot get out of the descents if we don’t rise all the time in levels of mutual participation and connection.

So, these descents are necessary to teach us how to behave correctly so that we won’t flee and shatter into fragments. I understand that there are descents where it is impossible to get out of bed, where you feel physically dead. Everyone goes through states like these and stays alive. There is nothing to be concerned about or to fear.

However, ultimately it is necessary to understand, organize together, and struggle with them. We are standing before a mountain of thoughts, Mount Sinai (hatred) that you cannot ascend without mutual guarantee.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/14, Writing of Rabash

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