Evolution Drives Us Into A Corner

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The Jewish people have been through horrible trials throughout history such as the inquisition and the Holocaust. And because of this, we have the constant feeling that we will always be hated no matter what. At the same time there is the feeling that no one can defeat us and that we can go on like this for ages. How can we break down this wall of stubbornness and pride?

Answer: In the past, the Jewish people always managed to come out of the clutches of the pressure they were under. If it became dangerous in one country, they could always hide in another where they would succeed.

That’s the way it always was. But today we find ourselves in a general global crisis, when the whole world is connected globally, and so the whole world will be against the Jews as one, and there will be nowhere to hide. We have nowhere to escape to. We will feel that we are cornered and have no choice but to beg the Creator for help.

Comment: But we are living in our own state, in the state of Israel, and we have a strong army. So people don’t feel that there is no way out. The Jews have gotten used to the fact that we are hated and that we will always be hated, and so we don’t intend to change in any way.

Answer: People don’t understand that we are in a special time, in a special phase of evolution that brings us to increasingly greater unity of all the parts of creation. The whole world feels that it is connected in one bowl, and in this situation, the Israeli nation is in a very difficult position.

We could be saved when someone needed us and we moved from one place to another and thus received financial support from the authorities. We succeeded in finding a place that was more or less free of anti-Semitism.

But the modern world has become round, and we will not be able to find a quiet place anymore. On the whole, the whole process is arranged so as to drive the Jews into a corner.

Comment: When the Jews were expelled from Spain some of them fled to Turkey and the Turkish sultan then said how stupid the Spanish king was for expelling his most precious asset. Turkey accepted the Jews gladly since it understood that they gained, but today the Turks are accusing the Jews and demanding the Turkish Jew’s to condemn Israel’s actions.

Answer: It is now clear to everyone that there is nowhere to hide and it is time to fulfill our mission.
From KabTV’s “Anti-semitism” 7/21/14

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