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Practical Steps

Each of us [in Israel] has family, friends, colleagues, and army buddies. Do the names of your friends and acquaintances come to mind? Perfect! Invite them to a meeting. It can take place in your living room, in a park, or in a club, it doesn’t matter where. Sit in a circle and start to talk about the relationships between you. Talk about how to preserve the unity of the people, how to strengthen it, to maximize it, and how to keep it at the boiling point.

Talk about how to open the hearts of each other, about how we, all the participants of this conversation, are tightly connected with each other. Yes, talk about what will happens if we can become really close to each other.

During the conversation you need to remember one important rule: everyone complements each other. We do not argue, do not interrupt, and do not change the subject. There is no participant who is more important or less important. Everyone is equal and equally important.

Has one of us started talking? Wonderful! After he has finished, the next one starts talking, followed by the next, and so on around the circle. By doing this, you naturally feel warmth, safety, and strength. This is the strength of our unity, the basis on which we were born as a nation [Israel].

If we create circular connections between us, similar to circular connections in nature, we will feel a great inner strength. And it is this force that will create a healthy atmosphere in society, thanks to which peace, tranquility, and success will naturally come to us.

Would you like to check that it is not fantasy? Do you want to experience this force of unity? Take part in one of the circles that we hold throughout the country, or just invite us to your place, and we will gladly come.

Roundtables Nationwide

To find the nearest circle [in Israel], call tel.: 1-700-509-209.

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There you will see the lessons, lectures, courses, and programs on the current events and cultural programs about parenting and family life.

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From the brochure “Time To Act”

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 20

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein

The Postulates Of The Theory of Integrality

The farther we advance in the historical process, the more complex the structure of society becomes. More interrelations are manifested in it.

A lack of understanding and feeling of each other has reached a critical point.

The task of forming of the human being is ahead of us.

For the last two hundred years, we have been indulging our growing egoism.

Only gradual education will change human beings and bring about positive changes in the social and national structures.

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Results From America

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you summarize the results of your trip to the American continent?

Answer: This was a good trip. We met with our groups, with our good and faithful friends in Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, the United States, and Canada.

The groups have grown and have advanced very, very much. We see and feel this about them. They have become more faithful, sensitive, understanding; they study together with us and connect to us in all of our activities, thanks to the virtual connection. The Internet is truly correcting the world tremendously on the level of the still.

In Mexico we organized a very important and big convention. All the local groups and individuals came to it and created an unprecedented warm and friendly atmosphere. A strong and united group was created and I hope that they will continue to work in that direction with our help.

At the convention in the United States there also was an unprecedented surge of connection, unity, and sense of understanding. This was truly something really special, something I didn’t even expect. All of our friends there are closer to each other. This was a very great correction and I am full of hope that now they will continue on together.

Now there is a convention in St. Petersburg ahead of us, on the way to which we must consolidate internally among us for worldwide dissemination. There is no convention that is dedicated only to connection and unification among the friends and with the Creator; every event must integrate its entire height in the process in that we activate three levels: the lower, the higher, and the level above the higher. And we who are found in the middle must work on our mutual relationships with the two adjacent levels.

I very much hope that we are hastening our development and will succeed.
From the Lesson about the Importance of Dissemination, 8/12/14

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Number One Willingness

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In one of our meetings six or seven years ago, you said that if we continued to study the wisdom of Kabbalah and accelerated our efforts, it would eventually bring us to a meeting with the Creator, to the end of correction. Has anything changed since then?

Answer: During this time, we have been through innumerable changes which you cannot even dream about. Don’t you see how the world is changing? Five years ago, we said, “Look at what will happen in a year.” In fact, it has not been one year but five years, but it has happened. If it were sooner, it would have been better, of course, but the world cannot do anything.

The point is not the world, but us. We are the only ones who can hasten our development. The world is simply matter, and there is nothing in it. People will grow and change according to how we “feed” them, but we go through all the changes consciously.

Here, the concern and our inner perception and recognition of what is happening to us is essential, but it takes time because we are wasting our resources on actions that are totally irrelevant and inefficient.

If we clarify what is happening among us correctly only in the perception of our getting closer or drawing apart, in our right inclination aiming at creating the spiritual basis for the perception of the Creator and for uniting to Him, we will begin to advance much faster. We must try to look for the internal hearing and the internal sight, the internal senses. However, they are not in each of us, but between us since they are not corporeal senses but actually integral senses that appear in the connection between us.

If there is no such connection, it means that there are no such senses, but, the moment that there is a connection, new spiritual bodies begin to appear among us just as matter began to develop in the past. Our spiritual, corporeal senses gradually are developed in these spiritual bodies so that the general entity called “the soul” can appear.

This is what we must develop, and we already are approaching that at least in our recognition and our feeling. Previously, I couldn’t convey any feelings and thoughts in words, but now I can because you already are experiencing the correlating states. You already can understand that and experience it.

Now, we can understand one another better and justify one another no matter what state the other is in since we have been through the same states ourselves: descent, detachment, weakness, humility, and so forth.

Unless we can justify every state the other goes through, we will not be ready for the connection with the Creator since, on the whole, it is the Creator who summons all these states in us, and we must justify all His actions and, thus, all of our actions too. This isn’t easy.

I saw how my teacher Rabash went through these states. He seemed holy! However, in fact, to me, he seemed totally different, and I couldn’t do anything against it until I understood that it is the Creator who is doing all that to him for me, and it doesn’t even happen to him but in my consciousness since the whole world is inside me.

However, we already have come close to understanding, to recognizing, and to justifying these states. We are ready for them, and can experience them and agree with them. This is very important.
From the Talk at a Meal at the Toronto Congress, 4/8/14

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A Spiritual Plague

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Every day we bring our desire to the morning lesson and especially during the study of The Zohar. How can we gather and raise our demand, our request to the Creator, during the lesson so as not to concentrate on the picture described but to see above it?

Answer: Of course, we shouldn’t concentrate on the pictures that are described, but  should come to the lesson with the impressions that we accumulated during the day:

  • To what extent have I managed to overcome my clinging to my rigid perception by thinking that I bestow unto people and that they bestow unto me;
  • To what extent have I tried to feel the Creator in all that, and that everything stems from Him;
  • To what extent have I tried to see only the positive side in everything so that I can advance spiritually, despite different negative feelings, impatience, disruptions, and anger;
  • To what extent have I tried to direct everything to the importance of the connection with the group in order to find the connection with the Creator.

I have to bring all the impressions and the experiences that I accumulate to the meeting with the group and during the lesson try to focus all my efforts on the unity with the Creator through the friends, which means to feel the spiritual body that is among us between me and the friends.

If I have not accumulated negative potential, I have nothing to bring to the lesson. I need to come to the lesson like to a special event in which I correct what I couldn’t do by myself without the connection with the friends without opening The Book of Zohar with them and receive through it the Light that glues and welds us together.

It is because I have tried to do it without the physical connection with the friends, without reading The Zohar together with them, but I did not succeed! Or I might have succeeded a little, but only to learn that I still lack their participation and so I have to come to the lessons. I come not because I am forced to and am obliged to, but because I yearn to do so. I have prepared myself for it.

It may seem that I speak about some ideal state, but we have to aspire to that. Of course if I come to the lesson like that, I will expect a lot from it; I will tremble and be afraid to miss this opportunity. This is what we have to attain and we can do that only in the form of a virus, by infecting one another by it. If this is the spirit among the friends, a person will see how everything works out for him and he how succeeds in everything he does.
From the Talk at a Meal at the Toronto Congress, 4/8/14

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The War

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis war in Gaza is the first ideological war, in its pure form, in the modern history of Israel. By all indicators, we are thousands of times stronger than the Hamas terrorists, but winning today is not with weapons but an idea.

First of all, the one who has an idea wins, and secondly, he whose idea is stronger wins.

The Hamas idea is simple and clear. What they want is to conquer Israel.

In 2005, Israel withdrew its troops and evacuated its settlements from Gaza. Thus, we freed them from our presence. Now, Hamas has nothing to liberate, except one – it is the turn to liberate Israel from Jews.

Therefore, they fire rockets at us, crawl through tunnels, and attack us with knives on the streets. They do not put forward any demands; they want nothing from us. They just do not want us. They raise their children with this idea. For the sake of this idea, they are ready to die and to kill anyone who will interfere with it.

We are all as one ready to fight and die for our country, but the army cannot defeat this idea. The idea can be defeated only by another idea.

Everything is clear with Hamas: they are united by the idea of the destruction of Israel. With what can oppose this? What idea do we have?
From the brochure “The Only Way Out”

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The Essential Secret Of The Jews, Part 19

From the book: The Essential Secret of the Jews, M. Brushtein.

“Fundamental Principles of the Integral Theory”

Back To Socialism

“When the people of Israel were standing at Mount Sinai, the readiness (i.e., ability) and power to disseminate spiritual values were already inherent in their souls.” (Da’at Tevunot, Ramchal)

There Was No Socialism

We have found out that people are social beings from birth. We also see that throughout history, people do only one thing—try to unite and connect with each other. In addition, consciously or unconsciously, we appreciate those who contribute to unification, even ruthless conquerors.

A reasonable question arises: “Why are we still not united?”

Obviously, there is a reason, and the reason is serious. Perhaps, because of this reason all the “unifying” ideas fail. Previously, it was socialism; today, the European Union is on the verge of collapse.

Really, why didn’t socialism happen? After all, many people, not only the Bolsheviks, understood and accepted the socialist idea.

“If in Europe there are friends of justice, they should respectfully bow before this revolution, which for the first time in human history has tried to establish people′s power, acting in interests of the people. Born in deprivation, increased among famine and war, the Soviet government had not yet completed the design of its vast and not yet carried out a kingdom of justice. But she, at least, has laid its foundations.” (Anatole France [1844-1924] – French poet, journalist, and novelist)

Whatever happened after the Revolution, and no matter how people related to it, but even back in the mid 80-ies of the last century, nothing suggested that socialism was doomed.

“The developed socialism of the USSR is characterized by highly productive forces, providing a significant change in the economy towards an increasingly complete satisfaction of people’s various material and cultural needs.

“Organic integrity and dynamism of the social system, which relies on transformation of the union between the working class and the peasantry into the union of all the workers of physical and mental labor, establishes a historically new social and international community – the Soviet people.” (Academic Dictionary)

You see that even a community, unknown until then, was formed. And suddenly, as by a wave of magic wand, everything was changed. The dictionary that recently lauded socialism as a great achievement, now angrily denounces it.

“It (socialism) was monstrous even at its birth in the struggle to transform private property into public. With its expropriation of all classes of property owners – not only capitalists, but of the whole mass of owner-workers: peasants, artisans, traders, freelancers and independent workers – which include the vast majority of the population.

“Organized dominance of one class over all others, extreme centralism, terror, forced labor, total power of the state, the only party, iron discipline, control of dissent – this is not a complete list of the tools that socialism adopted to achieve its goals.” (Academic Dictionary)

I do not want to say anything about philosophers, but the very fact that these diametrically opposed wordings makes one wonder. The question is: how they can be trusted?

It is interesting to note that socialism, more than any other system, is correlated with the Jews. Most often, they are blamed for it, and it does not matter whether for the establishment of this regime or for its collapse.

“The Jews were, are, and will be blamed for everything. And all of them are to blame. Even he who is just to be born…

The Jews are to blame for establishing the Soviet power; they are also responsible for ruining the Soviet regime. The Jews who are leaving the country are to blame for their leaving, those who stay – for staying…“

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.17.14


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Shamati #59 “About the Rod and the Serpent”

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The Book of Zohar — Selected Excerpts, “VaYakhel,” “The Ascent of the Prayer,” Item 131

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Talmud Eser Sefirot, Vol. 3, Part 9, Item 1

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of the Wisdom of Kabbalah”

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